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Kill Me Kindly
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Oct Fri 28, 2011 3:43 pm    Post subject: Kill Me Kindly Reply with quote

“Father! Father!” Angelique cries out as she runs down the hallway of the great keep. Her bare feet chilled by the stone flooring. She hears the clashing of blades and curses from deep voices. A feminine scream reminds her of the danger and she rushes onward to where the great room is. Rushing around the corner she sees the horrible site. Her mother lay moaning by the great hearth, blood gushing from the bite marks in her neck. Angelique throws herself on her mother wailing.

“Oh mother! What has happened!? Where is father!? Are you alright!?” Angelique puts a hand to her mothers neck and feels the hot blood gushing. Her mother looks up at her weakly.

“Angel….” She gasps. “Run dear….it isn’t safe….” A tear rolls from her mother’s blue eyes as she cups her daughters hand in her own trembling hand. Angelique begins to cry as she hugs her mother. “Go….go….” Her mother tries to push her off but the girl is stuck to her tightly. A few gasps later Angelique’s mother slowly exhales and is gone. Angelique buries her head in her mothers chest.

“Don’t leave me mother!” Angelique whimpers. “Please….stay….” A loud shout comes from down the hall and Angelique’s eyes widen. it’s the voice of her father.

“They have the keep! The dark ones have it!” He shouts. “Aim for their hearts boys! Don’t let them look you in the eye!” Then he is there sword drawn and chain mail caked in blood. His beard is stained with blood from his own mouth and one eye is blackened by a heavy blow. Seeing is wife makes his eyes widen. “Ailith!” the man rushes to his daughter and wife.

“Father!” Angelique cries. “She wont….move…she wont wake up…” Angelique’s father takes the limp form of his wife in his arms and embraces her. He kisses her lips and begins to cry himself. Then he slowly lets go and lays the dead woman gently to the floor.

“Angelique, on my shoulders! I have to get you to…” the sword pierces through Angelique’s father’s back and he gasps as it exits his chest. The sword is twisted and the man coughs once and catches his daughters eyes. “Run.” He manages to gasp and Angelique does just that. She is on her feet and rushing away from the wicked laughter over the death of her parents. She keeps looking back and trying to wipe the tears from her eyes. The laughter is growing louder, are they chasing her?

She turns back to look forward and finds herself at the edge of the overlooking balcony. Before she can react she slams into it and the lattice railing breaks sending her falling over the edge. She screams as she falls and with a sudden gasp her fall is stopped by the metal spearhead held by the massive statue of her father. It impales her through the back and she slides down it. The spear head bursts out of her stomach with much of her intestines. Angelique grunts and stares wide eyed, suspended, trapped in a death trap. She watches the blood run, her blood. Blood chokes her, she tastes it in her mouth and it floods up her throat. She can only twitch.

She then feels teeth sink into her neck. The bite causes her to cry out, only no sound comes from her mouth, only torrents of blood. She chokes and she feels the breath on her neck. She is slowly lifted of the spear and dragged behind the great statue. Gently laid down, she watches the hands of her new threat pile her own guts on top of her and then he leans down.

“You will thank me for this one day.” He whispers in a youthful voice. “I saved you so that you may one day find a way to make them pay…” Angelique coughs up blood and the voice, the young man rushes away leaving her to her slow agonizing fate. What did he mean? Angelique feels her body shutting down, her heartbeat becomes more loud and swift, she gasps and her trembling hand reaches to her bleeding neck. Then she is gone, drifting away into darkness….

“Angie! Angie!” Angie opens her eyes slowly and quickly turns away from the light piercing through the curtains.

“Close that!!” Angie cries out throwing a pillow over her head. “Geez! I told you not to wake me up like that!”

“Sorry! Maybe you should stop sleeping at work then!” The girl replies. “Bad dreams? This office is a wreck!” Angie opens her eyes and looks around, her office is truly a mess and just the thoughts of the dreams that have haunted her for centuries bring chills.

“Yea, I guess.” Angie rubs her head. “what are you doing here today Britney, its Saturday…”

“Well, there is a situation downtown, King Street.” Britney replies as Angie throws off her blanket and sits up on the couch she has used for a bed.

“Situation?” Angie asks cocking an eyebrow.

“A murder, as in, somebody has been killed.” Britney hands Angie a coffee and sits down on the couch beside her. “You should look into seeing somebody about those dreams, they are really destructive and…”

“I know I know.” Angie cuts in standing up and stretching. “I guess we need to get downtown.” Britney nods and Angie follows her out the door. She grabs her badge and gun on her way out, sliding the gun into the back of her jeans and slips the badge in the pocket on her white button up.

“Elvis said that the male was found at the construction site, an the female was found in the park across the street, pretty obvious the murders are related.” Britney says as Angie unlocks the Ford Expedition.

“Wait two murders?” Angie asks as she hops up into the drivers seat.

“That’s not the craziest part,” Britney replies. “Nobody reported any disturbances or anything last night, and well, according to Elvis something should have been seen or heard.”

“Well put the directions in the GPS, I’m still not used to big cities.” Angie says as they pull out of the underground parking deck and into the street. The ride across town is silent and Angie continues to relive her dream, the death of her parents, and the voice in her ear. All her life she has tried to ignore and forget the past, but the loss of her parents comes up every night as if it were yesterday. The laughter of her parents killers who, obviously, still live, she is still alive and among other things is not their equal, a strange freak of nature, a monster.

“A monster.” Britney says shaking her head as if on queue. “A monster is the only definition for the kind of person who would take another’s life, don’t you think?”

“Well, if not in war, or self defense your absolutely…” Angie is cut off by Britney grabbing the wheel.

“Watch out!” Britney gasps and spins the wheel in an attempt to miss the young man who has carelessly stepped out in front of them. The hard thud and the sight of the man cart wheeling through the air brings a scream to Britney’s lips and Angie just stares horrified as the vehicle skids to a stop. Both women leap from the car and rush around behind it where there is no sight of the man they hit.

“He just up and ran off, landed on his feet too!” An old homeless man says with a laugh. “I don’t know what I’m drinkin’ but I’m gonna stop right now!” The man chuckles and begins pouring the red liquid on the sidewalk.

“What did you really see old man?” Britney asks tossing her black hair over one shoulder.

“I saw him go flippin, land, and take off down that there alley.” The old man points down an alley and Angie moves over to investigate, feeling herself instinctively reach for her revolver. Again, she is not surprised to see the alley completely deserted.

“We hit him at forty five miles an hour!” Britney gasps. “He should be broken up on the street!” Angie shakes her head trying to think back to the mans face, so familiar.

“Well he obviously isn’t, maybe we didn’t hit him as hard as we thought.” Angie says moving back to the SUV.

“I say that flip Angie!” Britney continues. “He cant have survived.”

“Maybe he is a monster!” The old man chimes in. “Oooooooo!”

“Cut it out!” Britney snaps. “So what now?”

“We need to get to the crime scene.” Angie replies. “And out of this God forsaken sun…” Angie sighs in relief as she gets back behind the tinted glass of the SUV and Britney hops in the passenger seat.

“We hit that guy and you act like nothing happened.” Britney says. “I don’t understand you at all Angie, your so calm and collected about everything.”

“I’ve seen a lot.” Angie replies. “I used to be just like you.”

“What when you were two? We’re practically the same age.” Britney chuckles. “I could see you like me at two though, your so, different.”

The SUV pulls up to the yellow police tape and Angie flashes her badge as she nears a few police officers who have gathered around the main access area. Angie ducks under the tape and is followed closely by Britney. Elvis stands next to another black jacketed agent and nods as he sees them. Angie cant get over the crazy hairstyle for which he received his nickname. The man bites his lip and motions for them to take a look.

“Oh wow..” Britney turns away quickly. Angie looks down at the man whose legs have been bent all out of shape, or in shape, almost like a “W.”

“Was he like this before or after he was killed?” Angie asks.

“I’d say after, he was arranged by his killer surely. See, his face looks peaceful, and marks indicate a strangulation.”

“So we was strangled?” Angie asks. Britney takes some notes.

“Yes, and we found this on his chest, or actually “in” his chest.” Elvis hands a small crucifix to Angie who holds it in the palm of her hand. Elvis kneels down and slides the dead man’s shirt open to reveal the mark where the crucifix seemingly was brunt into his chest.

“And what about the other murder?” Angie asks.

“We already have her body in the ambulance. It was pretty ravaged.” Elvis leads the way and Angie follows him to the Ambulance. In the back the girls body lays on a bag, she is naked and her eyes are wide, her tongue slightly out with a look of fear on her face.

“That’s something..” Angie says softly trying to hide the fact she knows the victim. “Is this…it.?” Angie notices the dried blood between the girls legs and the stains of semen on them and her belly. Elvis slowly pushes a gloved hand in her mouth and opens it up pulling out a small necklace with a cross attached.

“That’s not the only one either.” Elvis says slowly probing his fingers into the girls vagina and pulling out another cross.

“I think we should talk to minister of that church down the road, these look expensive, not just random crosses, and I’d say at least two hundred years old.” Angie holds one of the crosses in her gloved hand. “This is really disturbing to me.”

“Here.” Elvis opens a small bag labeled “evidence” and Angie drops the cross inside it. She looks again at the girl.

“Could you go check on Britney? She is kind of squeamish.” Angie says with a smile.

“Sure thing Angie.” Elvis nods and slips out of the back of the ambulance. Once she is sure she is alone Angie removes her gloves and quickly places her hand on the dead girls forehead. She hears the screams, sees the attacker, a female. A very familiar female, with a very familiar laugh. The girl is choking and gagging and from her eyes view Angie sees the pale blue eyes of the killer. The girl is the same one that killed her father. Angie gasps and lets go breaking the connection.

“Good bye Kendra…” Angie whispers and kisses the girls forehead. Then she puts the gloves back on and gets out of the ambulance. She heads over and meets back up with Elvis and Britney. They are talking and Britney lights up at the sight of her.

“We’re going to your place?” Britney asks surprised and slightly giddy.

“Yea, I have quite a collection of crosses and I want to see if I can find a match.” Angie replies. “That okay?” Britney nods.

“Yes! I wanna see your house so bad! I’ve heard stories about it!” Britney says with a smile. Elvis shakes his head.

“Thanks a lot Elvis, with rumors like that going around we’ll have to end up throwing this years Halloween party there!” Angie smiles and motions to Britney. “Lets get going, I want to head to the church next and see if the minister is available.”

“Need to make a confession?” Britney asks.

“It’s a Methodist church, you don’t “confess” to that kind of preacher.” Angie replies. “I take it your catholic?”

“No, I just don’t know everything like you do Angie.” Britney replies as they get back in the SUV and head off out of town.

The screaming almost makes Rayne ask one of her servants to make sure it cant be heard outside, but she knows the answer and she is safe to et the screaming continue. She smiles and slowly leans close to the girl who is suspended by the rope holding her wrists together. The girl can barely reach the floor and is on her tippie toes in an attempt to keep from putting all the weight on her slender arms.

“I know you know the name Angelique! I am NOT a fool!” Rayne yells as she pulls the girls brown hair back exposing her neck. The girl cries out and shakes her head. “Bonnicardo? THAT ring a bell?”

“I’m a Culville! I don’t know what or who you are talking about!” The girl gasps as Rayne slowly pulls out her long knife.

“Well you wouldn’t know because I wiped them off the face of the planet over four hundred years ago!” Rayne screams as she rams the blade into the girls bare belly, an inch below her deep navel. The girl gasps and her eyes widen in shock.

“You….stabbed…….” the girl looks down slowly and Rayne twists the blade inside her.

“Yes I did, and now I’m going to bite you.” Rayne says baring her teeth and sinking them into the girls neck. The girl screams and then chokes on the blood flowing up her throat as Rayne rams the long knife upward. Blood gushes and Rayne sucks it from the girls neck with a moan. She feels the girl twitching and jerking and hears her moans causing her to dig her teeth deeper, feeling the surge of renewal in her veins.

Slowly the girls gasping turns to a final soft whimper then she is still, her heart stops beating and Rayne pulls back wiping her mouth. She pulls the knife out making the girls body jerk once as it convulses, then it is still again. Rayne rolls her eyes.

“If she is dead then how have I not become invincible!?” Rayne shouts. “All I had to do that witch said was kill the Bonnicardo family and that sniveling child! The CHILD escaped that night, and now here I am four hundred years later still vulnerable.”

The girl standing silently behind her touches her shoulder. She is taller and has an athletic build. She sooths Rayne with her soft touch and strokes her cheek with her long fingernails.

“Calm down…” the girl says. “And I wouldn’t say vulnerable, there is no match against you.” Rayne turns to the girl and embraces her leaning her head against her chest.

“Mallory…” she says softly. “I want to be unstoppable, we are so close, we will rule the earth, but right now, I can still be killed.”

“Not with me here by your side master.” Mallory says in a reassuring voice. “I will protect you to the death.” Rayne smiles and twirls a lock of Mallory’s hair.

“We’re already dead love.” Rayne replies. “And soon that b**** Angelique will be a little more dead than just undead.
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PostPosted: Oct Fri 28, 2011 6:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow now this is an amazingly great start of what promises to be among the best horror, vampire, thriller stories ever. Very Happy

The writing is flawless, the set up clever and delightfully mysterious and the imagination and creativity stunning. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping

The characters are so delightful and rich and the style and atmosphere and elegance of the old history and the mystery is stunningly presented, really wonderful job, really can't wait for more and to find out what its all about, who the mystery vampire who saved Angie and I assume got hit by her car is and Britney as her partner, now that is wonderful. Very Happy loveheart

Great way to celebrate halloween and an even better way of showing off what a brilliant writer you are, is there no genre you can't rule? Very Happy

Your guy with admiration
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PostPosted: Oct Fri 28, 2011 7:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I’m starting to get really jealous of you, will ok, truth be known, I always have been. laugh

This was really, really good, like Johann said, isn’t there any genre that you can’t rule, don’t say it I already know the answer, this is exactly why Johann and I say you’re the best writer here. clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping

Your friend and fan

Vern Very Happy
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PostPosted: Oct Sat 29, 2011 12:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow! Great stuff!!! :yay: excited Whatta punchline "a little more dead than undead" - Happy Halloween, Britney! 2kissing

Logo on my thong: Some women are born winners! Very Happy
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Oct Sun 30, 2011 9:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“What if she is in Korea?” Mallory asks shaking her head and rubbing her temples. “Or out east, her Mother was Korean maybe she went back to her mother’s family.”

“She was a scared little pampered girl!” Rayne replies with a snappy voice.

“Yes, and its been four hundred or so years!” Mallory shoots back as she flips through the files. “She isn’t a scared little girl anymore.”

“So where do you suggest, what do we know of her mother? These were humans, their family trees should be easy to trace, we should start killing her Korean family, lure her into the…”

“No, she isn’t in Korea!” Mallory replies. “Look…” Mallory drops an American newspaper on the table in front of Rayne. Rayne slowly leans forward and laughs.

“An obituary?!” Rayne shakes her head. “Seriously, someone staked her?”

“No, looks like she died in a pretty f***ed up affair downtown.” Rayne reads over the notice.

“Angie Bonnicardo eh?” Rayne lights a cigarette. “Well, we should get to the morgue then, if she doesn’t get blood she wont wake up…”

“What was that like Ming Dynasty?” Britney asks with an excited tone.

“I’m not sure…” Angie replies as they turn back on the road of the Methodist church. “My mother…got it as a hand me down…”

“Your home is so….” Angie cuts it before Britney can finish.

“Antique?” Angie smiles. “So what I’m a bit of a history buff.” They turn into the parking lot and slowly get out and head to the door.

“Christ our Father Methodist Church.” Britney reads the sign. “Its kind of big, my church growing up was so small.”

“Well lets go see if that Mercedes belongs to Minister Owens.” Angie says reading the name on the sign. They approach the church doors and Angie stops as Britney slowly opens the front door. Inside a man in a suit is praying at the front pew. Angie frowns and stands at the door.

“Ask him to invite me in.” Angie says in a small whisper. Britney shrugs.

“Just come with me.” Britney says perplexed.

“Please just ask him.” Angie replies and Britney goes inside. Slowly she sits at the front pew the minister turns to her and looks at the door where Angie stands waiting.

“You may come in child.” The minister says with a smile waving her forward. Angie sighs and slowly walks into the large cold church. Britney rolls her eyes still unsure of Angie’s action.

“Angelique.” The minister says as Angie nears. He is an older man, in his late sixties, tall and thin, but holds himself high.

“Christopher.” Angie bows her head. “I’m here on business.”

“What brings you back my child?” Christopher Owens asks.

“Some crosses, found in some rather dark places.” Angie says. “This is my partner Britney.” Minister Owens nods and smiles.

“Britney.” He says shaking her hand. “Yes, I think I know of what you speak, we were broken into two nights ago, several crucifixes were taken.”

“Old ones.” Angie asks.

“Very old, from…well, beyond my time I’ll say that much, you would know more about them.” Owens replies.

“Well, sure, but I want to know what you think about the matter.” Angie says. “Britney could you wait in the car?” Britney looks confused again.

“Why?” Britney asks.

“I’ll fill you in rated PG okay? This is gruesome stuff.” Angie replies. Britney nods.

“Oh!” She says softly. “Yea, do that!” Britney smiles and heads back out of the church. Owens smiles.

“Lovely girl Angie, seems very charming.” Owens says. “Okay, she’s gone, what’s on your mind?”

“Chris…I’m really scared.” Angie frowns. “I think that Blue Horizon know what I am…”

“The crosses you mean.” Owens replies rubbing his chin. “they don’t know who you are dear, no one here does.” Owens eyes darken. “But they do know you are aware of them I think, best to tread lightly and not let them find out how dangerous you can be.”

“So they are obviously behind the killings but you don’t think its me they are trying to send a message to?” Angie raises an eyebrow.

“No, I think there is another Vampire here, or even better, a half breed.” Owen shakes his head.

“Better? How is a half better?” Angie chuckles. “I’m the biggest disaster out there, do you know what its like living four hundred years like this?”

“No I don’t, but at least you can take a stroll during the day.” Owen smiles.

“I cant just stroll into your church though.” Angie reminds him.

“Listen, Angelique, just be careful okay, you could bring them down, especially if they aren’t even aware of your…state.” Angie nods.

“Thanks Chris.” She says and slowly stands and walks out. Once in the car she takes deep breath. Britney is looking at her expectantly.

“Sorry, he just tried to get me to visit his church the whole time.” Angie lies. “Not much help.”

“You’re a sorry liar “Angelique.”” Britney shakes her head. “You never told me your name matched your house so well!” Angie rolls her eyes.

“Later Britney, really, I did get SOME help from the pastor.” Angie turns down the next road and gasps as the rocket propelled grenade hit’s the car just in front of them exploding it into a thousand pieces. Britney screams and Angie slams the gearbox into reverse and hit’s the accelerator. The car behind them bursts into flames. Angie tries to swerve to miss it but the rear bumper smashed into it. Britney is slammed forwards and hits her head knocking her out. Angie manages to free the car just as the machine gun fire erupts and the bulletproof glass begins to crack as the bullets hit it.

Angie gasps and puts it back in drive and heads at the leather clad shooter. The female in a leather bodysuit wears a helmet and is obviously not too happy about being in the sunlight. Angie speeds forward and rams the gunner sending the girl flying. Another shooter takes out the left front tire and Angie loses control of the SUV as it slams into the side of a brick building.

“Angie!” Britney is awake and pointing as more bullets continue to batter the now near shattered glass. Angie grabs Britney by the arm.

“Listen, don’t get out of this car, and be still, play dead I don’t care, whatever you see do NOT react, lay there!” Angie pushes Britney down. “Don’t even move!” Angie takes a deep breath and pulls out her revolver. She opens the door and fires a shot right at the nearest of three gunners, one that is obviously not a vampire, a tall brunette with sunglasses. Angie fires and her bullet strikes the girl in the left breast sending a spray of red blood. The girl gasps and drops her gun spinning and staggering placing a hand to her breast. She looks up and takes a few steps, then falls to her knees. Blood slips past her quivering lips and she falls on her face.

“Pineville Police!” Angie shouts and aims.

The other two gunners open fire. Angie gasps in pain as two bullets find her belly and a fourth slams into her chest sending her slamming back against the SUV. She gasps and drops her pistol and slowly slides down the SUV. She slaps a hand to her badly bleeding belly and another feels the wound in her chest, just above her right breast. The gunners look at her and she stares back wide eyed. She coughs up blood and her eyes flutter. Her body weakens and her head rolls to the side.

“That’s her alright!” Rayne says laughing. “That funny face!”

“Funny face?” Mallory asks. Rayne points to the picture of Angelique.

“Look at those eyes Mallory, look how confused she is.” Rayne looks at Angelique’s photo and chuckles. “Four hundred years…we’ve almost made it Mallory, ready to own a country? Or a planet?” Mallory smiles and hugs Rayne.

“Well, we better book a flight and head to the USA.” Mallory sighs. “It’s been awhile since we’ve been there.”

“A drink? For celebration?” Rayne smiles and moves to a door. She swings it open and a girl walks in slowly, her eyes distant. Rayne slowly pushes the girl to a chair and sits beside her. She begins to lick the complying girl on her neck and slowly Mallory moves over and joins in. The girl gasps some, but is obedient. Then Mallory sinks her teeth into the girls slender neck. The girl moans and arches as Rayne follows suit. The girl thrashes, her blonde hair falling from its bun and her heels falling from her kicking feet.

The girl moans and gasps as blood is drained from her body. Her toes point and arch and her hands reach for Mallory and Rayne trying at first to push them away, then slowly falling to her sides and jerking. Her gasps and cries slowly turn to choking on her own blood as it seeps from her neck and spills from her lips.

Slowly she goes still and Mallory and Rayne meet lips and begin to kiss leaning over the dead girl. They grasp each others hands and begin to moan using the girls breasts as pillows, leaning back and embracing each other.
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PostPosted: Oct Sun 30, 2011 11:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice! Very nice! clapping
"All beauty must die."
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PostPosted: Oct Mon 31, 2011 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah the plot thickens, great handling of the vampire stuff Britntey with great style and character work. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping

Loved the hints of Angie's history and I loved how she couldn't enter the church without an invite, clever and classic. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping

Her relasionship with britney is very cool and I loved how she protected her.
The unexpected action assult was exciting and well written and the shoout very cool, loved the leather clad girl gunned down and it was cool to see Angie riddled, something tells me she'll be fine. laugh

Rayne and Mallory are a great evil duo and I love their interaction and the way they handled the girl, very nice and well written. Very Happy clapping clapping

Look forward to more soon, your nr fan and friend
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Oct Mon 31, 2011 8:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Deceased is a young female, Caucasian with possible Asian, report states death by gunshot wounds to lower abdomen and upper chest.” Doctor Alia Smith says in her recorder. She looks over the bag with the body and slowly unzips it revealing the naked corpse. She leans in and probes the wound on her right breast with a gloved finger.

“Probable cause of death being a punctured lung, and internal bleeding.” Alia continues. She feels very alone in the morgue and enjoys the feeling of another person, dead or not. She lets down her blonde hair and unbuttons her coat to reveal a sexy black dress.

Alia Smith

Alia continues to run her fingers over the petite body until she finds the next bullet wound, about an inch below the girl’s navel. She leans over her and shakes her head.

“They shot you up good didn’t they?” Alia says with a saddened sigh. “I wonder what you were like in life?” Alia opens the clipboard and thumbs through it. “Angie Bonnicardo? A detective with the PPD, that’s it?” Alia thumbs a few more pages. “Well no more records, lets see.”

Dr. Alia Smith slowly rubs over Angie’s breasts and strokes her face.

“Eighteen? No, not a detective, 23? 24? And what were you like?” Alia sighs. “Ugh, I hate dead people, so boring!” Alia looks up as the door opens and she sees a Minister walking into the morgue. “May I help you?” the older man smiles broadly and then looks at the body spinning around.

“Oh my…could you cover her body please…?” The minister says softly.

“She is dead, she doesn’t mind.” Alia replies. “And I don’t have any appointments for the viewing of this body.” Alia rolls her eyes as the minister doesn’t turn back around and quickly covers Angie’s body with a blanket. “You can look now.” the minister turns around and casts saddened eyes on Angie’s corpse.

“I’m Pastor Owen, from the Methodist church down the street, I was her minister.” Owen says softly. “I needed closure.”

“Your not authorized to be here, her partner was coming down to view the corpse but other than…” Owen sprays the gas from the canister before Alia can finish. Alia gasps and coughs and slowly falls to her knees. After a few choking gasps, Alia collapses and falls into unconsciousness. Owen quickly moves beside Angie and pulls the medical blood bag out and removes the small cap. He holds it to Angie’s lips and it trickles into her mouth.

“Come on Angelique, come on swallow it.” Owen whispers. “Come on child.” He pours a little more and Angie swallows, but her eyes remain closed and only a small breath escapes past her lips. Owen shakes his head and gently reaches under the girl making sure not to uncover her nakedness. Owen picks her up like a small child and begins for the door just as it opens and Britney walks in.

“Pastor Owen?!” Britney gasps. “What are you doing!?”

“Britney…” Owen replies equally surprised. “What are you doing here?!”

“Viewing the body of my partner!” Britney says stepping back and reaching fro her pistol. “what are you doing with her!?”

“Britney, I will explain everything at Angelique’s house, you have to get out of my…”

“No!” Britney replies pulling her gun. “Your not going to do perverted things to my partners corpse!”

“She isn’t a corpse.” Owen replies. “She is quite alive, in a manner of speaking anyway.” Britney shakes her head slowly to the sides.

“What are you talking about?!” She gasps. “Are you mad, I saw her staring into nothingness, her heartbeat completely gone.”

“When have you ever heard her heartbeat?” Owen asks leaning forward and letting Angie’s head come close. “But listen to her breathe.” Britney leans forward cautiously and gasps.

“It cant be true!” She gasps. “What the…”

“We can talk later, take me to your car.” Owen says quickly. Britney slowly nods and leads the way. The hurry upstairs and past the main desk, using the hospitals less frequented side door. Owen waits for Britney to open the Impala’s back door and he gently lays Angelique inside. Britney cranks up the car and Owen hops inside.

“You know the way?” Britney nods and looks at Angelique. “Drive child, don’t stare, it will all be explained.” Britney shakes her head swiftly bringing herself back to reality. She turns from the parking lot and onto the road. They ride in silence for awhile.

“Angelique is not human Britney…” Owen says.

“I gathered…” Britney replies surprisingly calm. “What…what is…”

“She is unlike anything else I know of…” Owen says. “Best to just describe her as a vampire for now.”

“A vamp…” Britney laughs aloud. “What?! Your crazy!” Britney looks in the rearview mirror and sees a streak of blood running from Angie’s mouth. “She is…um…bleeding…” Owen looks back and quickly pulls the blood bag from his coat. “Oh…my god…” Britney gasps as she drives on. Owen reaches back and slowly pours some of the blood in her mouth.

“You have to drink it Angelique…” Owen snaps. “Come on girl…drink up.” Britney focuses back on the road and sees him in the crowd, a short and slim young man, his eyes, she recognizes him as the man they slammed into the day before.

“They are more?” Britney asks seeing that the young man is staring at her wide eyed as she passes, following the car with his eyes until they are out of view.

“Like Angelique, no, vampires; yes.” Owen replies leaning back up in the front seat. Britney drives onward, still in shock at the fact that Angelique is breathing. Soon they reach Angelique’s great mansion outside of town. As Britney pulls up she thinks of all the antique furniture and Korean and Eastern European accents.

“How old is…she?” Britney asks as they stop the car.

“Oh, I’d like to say three hundred or older, you know girls don’t like to discuss their true ages.” Owen smiles. “I’ll bring her inside, her spare key is on the first window on the left’s sill.” Britney finds the key and opens the door as the old pastor and the vampire come inside.

Alia slowly rises to her feet with a groan. She curses under her breath as she stands to her feet. Now she knows why she stopped attending church with her family at eighteen; Pastors are insane maniacs. She looks at the empty table and shakes her head. The body is gone and no sign of the old man or any of her recording device. The thing that set her back about two hundred bucks.

“F***,” Alia says as she pats her hair and makes sure everything is in order. “Creepy old man…”

“Creepy old man? There we go already talking.” Alia’s head shoots around to see a lovely woman leaning against the morgue cabinets. Her blonde hair is hanging loosely and she wears a black leather bodysuit and has a small emblem in the corner, a horizon over blue hills.


“Who the hell are you?!” Alia demands as another lovely girl steps into view. This girl is tall and looks a little less intimidating, but just as beautiful, with long brown hair and dark eyes. She stands beside the other, and is dressed the same, she crosses her arms.


“The last thing you will see if you don’t tell us more about this man!” The blonde says raising her voice slightly. “I’m Marsha, this is Misha, we are Blue Horizon.”

“I…he was a pastor!” Alia gasps. “Blue Horizon what the hell is that!?”

“We need to find out why he took her, I only wanted to come by and see if she or her partner’s bodies took the bullets properly.” Marsha says. “But now I’m curious, why take the bodies?”

“There was only one, Angie….something…” Alia looks as Misha takes out a pad and begins to write. “Bonnicardo.” Marsha raises an eyebrow.

“Old name.” She says. “So this minister, where is his church?” Marsha nods to Misha who puts up the notepad and pulls out a long slender cord.

“I…I don’t know…don’t think he said.” Alia gasps starting to crawl back. Misha grabs her as she darts for the exit and slams her into the wall then slips the cord around her throat.

“Not good enough.” Marsha says. “Strangle her.” Misha tightens the cord and Alia gasps and her eyes widen. Alia tries to kick Misha but only looses one of her heels as a result. Misha pulls back and Alia gags and chokes as Misha pulls her back across the morgue. Marsha hears the door and pulls out a pistol with a strange, enlarged clip.

Misha jerks on the cord and Alia gasps and her tongue slides out. Two girls walk into the morgue. One of them is obviously a vampire, her eyes already blackened by her craze for blood she is laughing like a school girl and whispering to the other.


The other is a little shorter and looks more dangerous. She has long black hair and pale skin. She pushes the other back and smiles looking at the pistol extended at them.


“Blue Horizon?” The black haired vampire says with a teasing grin.

“Vampire?” Marsha says. “Oh wait, yes I can tell, little one back there cant control her craze yet.”

“We want Angelique.” The raven haired vampire hisses. “WE want her and you may live.”

“Who the f*** is that?” Marsha asks. Misha has Alia on the floor now pulled back against her. Misha gasps and chokes, drool is running from her open mouth and her body continues to lurch and arch as she tires in vain to get her breath. Seeing there may soon be conflict, Misha jerks back on the cord brining a crack to Alia’s slender neck. The Doctor’s legs jerk and she kicks off her other heel and her hosed feet begin to kick the floor.

“Angelique is my masters property.” the vampire says as she hisses and pushes the other back again. “Elsa! Control yourself Rayne said you were ready!” Elsa shakes her head.

“Sorry Anyssa…” Elsa gasps. “The blondes little neck is sooo lovely.” Elsa makes an orgasmic gasp and Anyssa rolls her eyes.

“Where is Angelique?” Anyssa repeats taking a step forward. Alia gags and chokes and begins to twitch as Misha removes the cord and lets the girl writhe in vain attempts to breathe. Misha jerks and gasps and her eyes slowly glaze and stare beyond the morgue and into eternity. Her body jerks and twitches, but she is gone.

“The dead cop?” Marsha asks.

“Yessssss…” Anyssa says with a grin. “Give her and you live.”

“She isn’t here, and I DON’T appreciate having my own threats turned on me!” Marsha replies as Misha draws her own pistol.

“WE will kill you Blue Horizon b****es, you work with vampires to kill them!” Anyssa rushes with lighting speed and Marsha fires. The bullet hits Anyssa in the guts, just above her navel and the vampire stops dead in her tracks with a horrifying scream. Elsa tenses and looks puzzled. Misha and Marsha stare and smile as Anyssa groans and tries to stand up from her knee only to find out she is weakening.

“What….!?” Anyssa groans and blood begins to run from her lips. “My belly!?”

“Sun shot.” Misha says with a grin. “YOur dead now b****.” Marsha grabs her arm.

“Lets get out of here before the cops come!” Marsha shouts and they both take off down the hall. Anyssa turns to Elsa who is staring worried and scared.

“My…belly burns…..” she gasps squeezing her gut as more blood gushes from her mouth. “I’m…I think they….they got me!”

“Anyssa…!” Elsa flings herself on the other girl who has now collapsed against a table and is groaning and clutching her belly. “I will save you….bite me….drink my blood!!!” Anyssa shoves a small device from her ear into Elsa’s hands.

“No…I’m…finished….” Anyssa gasps as tears appear in her eyes. “Get in touch with Rayne….tell her of the body…and of the danger….” Anyssa falls back and arches up, her eyes seeming to glow. “Go….Elsa….”

Elsa grabs her partners hand and licks it, then rushes a way with inhuman speed. Anyssa moans and lets out a long gasp and collapses dead on the floor of the morgue.
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PostPosted: Oct Mon 31, 2011 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow talk about a great chapter will all the right elements of violence, suspense, mystery, thrills and dark humor, wonderful writing. Very Happy loveheart clapping clapping clapping

Wow lived Alia, am a fan of that actress in that look, and her going over Angie's "body" like that in such detail was just amazingly hot and nice, loved all the little touches. Very Happy Oh yes Oh yes

Owens is one cool old priest, the only one I ever liked that's for sure, and his hinted history and assistance to Angie as well as the hints to how she is different and the great moments of humor between him and the women, loved that Britney is now involved and its fun to see the impala in action. ;)
Loved how she just accepted the truth and the moment when they past the mysterious man was so cool, dying to find out more about him and his role in the story.

Wow vampire hunters of a different allegiance thrown in the mix, that is so cool and I am glad you used those two, love their fashion sense. Very Happy
Love their attitute and coldness and the stand off with the vampires was great and exciting, love the way you write the suckers. laugh

The strangling of Alia was wonderful and such a nice surprise and the details were great, so loved the hosed feet comment and how she just kept strangling her in the backround while they carried on the conversation, nice, thanks. Very Happy loveheart loveheart loveheart clapping clapping

Leave it to you to think of a way to belly shoot vampires to death, doubt anyone ever has thought of that before, we're alike you and I, you find away to belly shoot them, I found a way to strangle them laugh clapping clapping clapping
I applaude your inventivness and dedication to your favored kill. Very Happy clapping clapping

Please Britney I'd like some more. Very Happy

Your guy
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PostPosted: Oct Mon 31, 2011 11:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A delightful read with vamps and sexy kills and all ... enjoying following this! clapping Oh yes excited :yay: pop
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Nov Tue 01, 2011 10:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Britney cant help but stare at Angie’s still unconscious form. At the preachers request she clothed her in a tight long sleeve top and some leggings, all she could find. Now he is back and sits in the corner smoking a pipe. Britney sighs.

“So what are you going to tell me to keep me from freaking out, cause I’m very close to that right now.” Britney warns. Owen chuckles and shakes his head from side to side, blowing smoke.

“What do you want to know Britney?” He asks.

“I assume Angie is a “good” vampire, so what, does she only drain bad peoples blood?” Britney asks.

“Angie has a deal with the hospital, she gets her blood from blood bags.” Owen says. “It is not nearly as healthy as fresh blood for a vampire, but Angie has morals, well, she does now.”

“Now?” Britney cocks an eyebrow.

“Angie is old, well young by vampire standards, but when she met me she had a lot to work on.” Owen puffs smoke. “Long story short, she fled the death of her parents and went to Korea, that is where her mother is from. There, she soon realized to sustain herself she needed human blood…”

“She fed on people.” Britney looks at the young looking girl who only hours ago was her closest friend. “That little rat sat there and toyed with me!”

“You do realize she was protecting you.” Owen corrects Britney. “If you knew she was a vampire, you would be as much at risk as she is now.”

“So Buffy the vampire slayer would torture me to get to her to kill her?” Again Owen chuckles frustrating Britney.

“No, try Blue Horizon in the United States. Yellow Crescent in Europe, or the Devils out in eastern Asia.” Owen looks at Angie who begins to stir and gasp some. Her face contorts as if in a bad dream and she begins to speak in another language, quite fluently.

“What’s that?” Britney asks.

“Romanian.” Owen says. “Her father was from Romania, her mother from Korea, an interesting mix for the 1600’s. they were killed by another Vampire, Rayne.”

“Why?” Britney asks.

“Well, they wanted to be invincible.” Owen replies. “Angelique, in their eyes, is the only thing keeping them from becoming Goddesses.”

Angie’s eyes slowly open and fix on Britney. She slowly looks over at Owen and then down at her clothed body. Her eyes move slowly and she pulls the antique looking quilt closer up on her body and looks at the glass on the table.

“Britney…” She says slowly. “I’m sorry…”

“You should be.” Britney replies. “I almost died though, and you saved my life, they left me alone after they got you.”

“Understand why I lied please, I wanted you safe, as I did when I exited the SUV…” Angie looks at Owen. “I’m so weak…I need….a drink.” Owen gets up and looks over at Britney.

“Can I get you anything Britney?” He asks.

“I need a scotch, bourbon, and whiskey, but I don’t drink, so get me a Coke.” Britney smiles. “Or some five hundred year old tea!” Angie looks Britney over.

“Listen, I am dead now, to Elvis, and the others, you are the only person who knows who I am.” Angie says softly. “It has to stay that way.”

“I understand.” Britney replies. “I wouldn’t rat you out Angie, and I hope you wouldn’t lock me in your dungeon downstairs if I refused to cooperate.”

“Well right now would be a good time to run if you choose to do so, Owen is old and I am very weak.” Angie smiles. “Thank you for not slamming the door in my face Britney.”

“Yea, that’s what friends are for Angelique…” Britney trails off. “Never thought I would have a little chit chat with a vampire though.”

Owen returns and hands Britney a canned cola. He then sit’s a large tanker on the coffee table in front of Angelique and she picks it up and begins to drain it. The dark red drips from the sides of her mouth as she drinks too quickly as if she has never drank from a glass before. She quickly downs the whole thing and puts the tanker back on the coffee table and wipes her mouth with her sleeve. Britney noticed her eyes are pitch black for a moment before she returns to normal.

“I’m sorry….” Angie says slightly embarrassed. “I’m not used to drinking in the presence of…guests.”

“No, its fine.” Britney giggles. “You missed a spot.” Angelique quickly raises her sleeve and finishes the job.

“So, it was Blue Horizon?” Angelique asks. Owen nods.

“They weren’t after you because you were a Vampire, they wanted to shut you up as a detective, apparently the recent kills were made by them to make a point to Vampires.”

“But now they know what I am.” Angelique says.

“They aren’t the only ones after you now Angelique.” Owen says grimly. “It looks like Rayne has finally found you.” Angelique looks down and sighs deeply.

“Then its over, she will have me in a matter of days.” Angelique shakes her head and a tear rolls from her eyes. “And I only wanted to find him first, and speak to him, then she could do as she pleased with me.”

“Angelique! Don’t say that, you aren’t going to let her win!” Owen glares at Angelique. “You have friends and allies, you could stop her.”

“Chris, your crazy, I have ONE friend, she is a witch, one witch, and one aging preacher, what a great combination, against what Rayne and Mallory, and fifty blood sisters?”

“And you have one human partner!” Britney adds.

“And what about Dawn?” Owen says raising his eyebrows. “You do have allies, you just need to assemble them. Angelique is already shaking her head.

“I wont bring Britney into this mess, her dying on my accord, another innocent killed because of me, I don’t think so, and Dawn…” Angie trails off. “Dawn isn’t exactly a “friend” she hates vampires, me included, and herself. Poor thing, she wouldn’t work with me, she tolerates me because I have a “good heart” and well, we have some things in common.”

“You could talk to her you know, and when was the last time you even called Talia? She hasn’t been too close herself.” Owen crosses his arms. “Your not even trying Angelique.”

“She is a witch…” Angelique says concerning Talia. “She doesn’t exactly do “close” and no to Dawn, she is full of self loathing, she is so young and has a lot of issues to deal with.”

“You do have me Angie, Britney says softly. “I’ll gladly help you stop whoever it is trying to harm you, my job is to make people safe, this is no exception.” Angelique looks at the two.

“I’m not going to win am I?” she says. “And I guess I’m not too keen on the idea of waiting for Rayne to “kill me kindly” as she put it.”

“Well, you should start by getting dressed and showing Britney some of the things she needs to know about.” Owen says with a smile. “I’m calling Dawn.”

“No…” Angelique says then sighs. “Okay, call her, I’ll call Talia, maybe she knows about Lightning.”

“Lightning?” Britney asks. Angelique looks at Owen.

“How long was I out? Did you not tell her about him?” Angelique can see they didn’t reach this topic.

“Lightning is the boy who turned me, or well, tried to turn me, saved my life and screwed up my vampirism royally.” Angelique says. “I have been searching for him forever, and for some reason he eludes me, I just want to thank him…and meet him.”

“Do you remember how he looked?” Britney asks.

“It’s been over four hundred years…” Angelique replies. “But I have a strange feeling he is near, and that I have seen him recently.”

“You don’t reckon we hit him with the car yesterday do you?” Britney asks.

“Christ..” Angelique grabs Britney’s hand. “Your genius, what if that WAS him?”

“Don’t use the Lords name in vain!” Owen snaps from the kitchen where he has a phone and is dialing.

“Oops, sorry.” Angelique replies.

Elsa gasps as she runs down the side of the street burning up. She kicks in the door to a seemingly abandoned building and hurls herself into the shadows. She gasps and chokes as the steaming stops and her burning skin slowly heals itself. She is breathing hard and crying. She hates America, she wants to go home to Romania. Quickly she grabs her cell phone and begins to dial.

“Rayne!” Elsa gasps. “Pick up your phone!”

“Rayne.” Rayne says.

“Rayne! Its Elsa!” Elsa gasps.

“I told Anyssa to keep you off that phone you youngling!” Rayne snaps. “Give her the phone whelp!”

“Anyssa is dead!” Elsa cries out. “They killed her, those Blue Horizon girls!”

“What!?” They were there?!” Rayne gasps. “Staked her?”

“Shot her in the belly.” Elsa gasps. “She died anyway, some sort of weapon with UV rays or something!” Elsa cries some and wipes her tears. “Master, I am scared, I am alone in this great city, I want to come home!”

“Your in a bind Elsa, we cannot waste our time looking for you, feed and hide, sorry.” Rayne hangs up and Elsa drops the phone.

“No!” Elsa cries out and looks out at the sun. “I am so hungry!” She hears footsteps and quickly darts into a even darker area of the building. She waits in the shadows and sees a young girl walking up to the building. The girl is blonde and wears very little clothing. Elsa thinks she must be some sort of entertainer for males. She licks her lips. The girl is tall and blonde and has on heels much higher than Elsa has ever seen. Her skirt is very short and shows of her toned thighs and her stockings are ripped up, seemingly intentionally. She wears a tight white blouse that is tied up to show off her midriff.

Elsa looks at her puzzled, she has never seen anything like this strange character before in her life. She is however very hungry for some blood and quickly moves under a window. She waits for the girl to prance closer in her unnecessarily high heels and then clears her throat.

“Yoo Woo.” Elsa calls. “What are you doing out here sweetie?” Elsa grimaces wishing she would have used another approach.

“Somebody there?” the wanton woman replies. “You have money baby, I’ll give you a good time!”

“Lots of money for you baby!” Elsa calls back salivating. The girl smiles and slowly walks into the building.

“Lots of money and staying in this dump?” The girl calls out. “I like girls and boys, so we will have a good time!” Elsa slips from the shadows and bares her teeth, the girl begins to scream and Elsa quickly rushes forward and cups her mouth.

“Oh yesssssssss.” Elsa hisses. “Very good timessssssssssss” Elsa sinks her teeth into the girls neck and begins to drain her, feeling the pleasure wash over her. She moans and pulls back, still unable to take in the full amount of blood. The girl groans and falls to the floor, weakened by her neck wound. Aware she is being attacker she gasps and begins to drag herself towards the door. Elsa grabs her and tosses her onto her back with ease and straddles her.

“Are you not having fun little whore of Gomorrah?” Elsa asks and begins to apply pressure with her fingers to the girls already damaged neck. The blonde girl kicks her long legs sending her heels flying into the wall. Her stockings rip more as she spreads her legs trying to dislodge her attacker. Her bare feet paw at the rotting floor and she gags and chokes as Elsa digs her fingers into the girls neck.

The blonde thrashes wildly and her tongue protrudes as more and more of her precious oxygen dissipates. Elsa grinds her buttocks down on the girls belly depriving her of all the more oxygen. The blonde’s bucking and thrashing slows to jerks and wiggling as she slowly runs out of stamina from the lack of oxygen and blood loss.

Elsa sees this and squeezes tighter. The girl’s tongue protrudes more and drool begins to run from the corner of her mouth. She makes strange noises that Elsa has never heard, groaning and moaning noises that make Elsa more excited. Elsa squeezes harder and the girls legs flop some and a crack comes from the girls neck. Elsa laughs some and watches the girl flop and jerk and watches the light leave her bugged eyes.

“You dead now sweet whore of a woman?” Elsa asks leaning down and laying her head on the girl’s breasts. “Mmmmmm no heartbeat….like me….only you will sleep forever now.” Elsa licks between the girls breasts up to her lips and sits up. “My very own kill.” Elsa smiles, her first kill without the help of another Vampire. She smiles and quickly drags the dead blonde into the darkness to hide her from unwanted viewers.
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PostPosted: Nov Tue 01, 2011 10:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great chapter Britney, love the classic and imaginative atmosphere, a true vampire tale with all the right ingrediants. Very Happy clapping clapping

Loved Britney being brought up to speed, her reactions were adorable and often funny, loved the joke about her drink. laugh

The style is great and the writing better still and this is so fun and exciting and I adored the mentions of Dawn, can't wait for her to appear and you nailed the way she is preceived, Angie's got her down perfectly. Very Happy
Thanks for including her, get a real kick out of it and I know you'll do me proud with her, you always do in everything. Very Happy

Love how you slip in the subtle info on the boy as he's called, so interested to see what his story is, this is great suspense writing. Very Happy

Elsa is a really fun and classic vampire, loved her mixture of a young frightened girl and bloodthristy beast, so cool.
Her killing of the poor hooker was so cool and hot and so well written, loved it. clapping clapping clapping clapping

Can't wait for more, this is too cool.

Your guy
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PostPosted: Nov Wed 02, 2011 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


A great Vampire story!!!

Can't wait to read the rest, your the best Britney, thank you for posting this.

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PostPosted: Nov Thu 03, 2011 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Angelique did not understand what she was feeling. She tried again to enter the house, but she could not. Inside the mother and her children stared ather in fear, the blood red eyes and the fangs, but they were safe, Angelique could not break through the open space where their door was wide open.

“Come out ssssside!!” Angelique begged. “I am ssssso weak!” Angelique slowly slid down the wall beside the door , then she heard the shouts.

“Kill the monster!” A group of men from the small village had lit torches and now quickly approached her, swords and clubs drawn. Angelique gasped and pulled her weak body together and dashed to the woods with incredible speed. She heard pistol shots and could smell the black powder with her sharpened senses. She tore through the forest, with her speed, quickly leaving the village behind. Once safe Angelique collapsed. Moaning, she gasped for breathe and the tears in her blood red eyes rolled down her cheeks.

“Help me!!!” She cried out desperately. “I need to feed!” Angelique leaned back against the closest tree and that’s when she saw the small campfire, the music from tambourines and guitar. A roving gypsy band was near. Angelique again forced herself to stand and she quickly moved to the clearing, staying hidden in the shadows.

A small group of young women danced around a campfire while some men played instruments and cheered on the seductive dancing by the scantily clad gypsies. Angelique licked her lips and felt herself salivating, she picked out a young and attractive blonde whose hair seemed to sparkle in the moonlight, the girl was at the edge, Angelique made her move rushing to the girl and grabbing her. The others screamed and some of the men moved for their swords. Angelique controlled her blood thirst as long as she could.

“I am a sssspawn of sssssatan himssssself!!!” Angelique hissed. “SSshe is my ssssacrifice!!! Essscape before I assssk for much more!!!” The terrified gypsies seemed to get the message and rushed into the woods screaming, leaving everything as it was, abandoning the now gasping girl Angelique had in her grasp. Angelique laughed softly and slowly dragged the girl back to the campfire.

“Please don’t!” the girl begged kneeling at Angelique’s feet. Angelique knelt down beside her and removed the blonde hair from one side of her neck.

“SSsssssssssshhhh.” Angelique whispered as she stroked her neck. “I will be ssssswift.” Angelique again laughed knowing this wasn’t true. She suddenly dug her teeth into the trembling girls bare neck. The blood gushing into her mouth brought an uncontrollable moan from Angelique’s lips. She bit deeper, harder, swirling her tongue in the gushing blood. The girl’s body jerked and her moans turned to groans and she finally went limp against Angelique. Angelique sat back moaning as she licked the blood from her lips.

After licking herself of all the blood she quickly picked up the girl by her arms and dragged the motionless form to the wagon, her small slippers slid off as she dragged her through the sand. Angelique hoisted the body into the wagon and quickly ran her hands over the girls body, searching for anything useful she may need. Between the girls ample breasts she retrieves a small note, a shopping list for her next visit to the village.

Tossing the list aside, Angelique searched the camp until she was satisfied with the coins and few things of value she had found. Not wanting the sun to roast her in the morning, she laid down under the wagon.

“I am a GOD!!!!!” Angelique shouted to the stars. “A GOD!”

Angie, ANGIE!!!” Britney’s voice bring Angelique’s eyes open. She looks around and realizes they are still in the car. Owen’s big Mercedes. She blinks and looks out the window.

“Dawn.” Angelique says softly. Owen nods.

“We’re pulling up now.” Owen says as they pull down the narrow dirt road through the woods.

“This Dawn is awfully secluded isn’t she?” Britney asks.

“She doesn’t like visitors Britney.” Angelique replies. The Mercedes pulls up and Owen looks back at Angelique.

“You should handle her alone, I don’t want to risk death tonight.” Owen says smiling weakly. Britney starts to get out and join Angelique, but Owen stops her. Angelique walks up to the small house in the woods. It is more of a hut really, a small house, maybe three rooms. Angelique knocks and there is no response. She takes a deep breath and walks in.

The fire is lit and one of the chairs is overturned. Angelique reaches for the light switch but it doesn’t work. The power is either cut of disconnected. She takes a step forward and received a stake in the gut. Her attacker slams her forearm into Angelique’s neck and shoves the stake clean through her so that it thuds against the wooden wall.

“Dawn….its me!” Angelique gasps through a grimace of pain. The light of the fireplace illuminates the blond young woman’s face.

“Angelique…” Dawn’s eyes narrow. “Just going to walk up behind me?”

“I wasn’t….planning on it….” Angelique gasps looking down at the stake in her. “You think I’m really that short?” Dawn smiles some, but only for a split second.

“No, I aim low, until I know it needs to die.” Dawn says in reply as she jerks the stake out. Angelique moans and grabs her belly.

“I’ve lost enough blood….for one day..” Angelique gasps as she slowly makes her way to the chair that is still sitting up right. “It’s not going to blow up on me…is it?” Dawn shakes her head as Angelique sits down.

“Your go between tells me you need some information…” Dawn says. “Why would I give it?”

“Because I’m going to kill a hell of a lot of vampires.” Angelique replies. “One of which is notorious for breaking our code.”

“Our code.” Dawn laughs some. “Yes that’s right, both you and I “are” vampires, thanks for reminding me, your such a good friend.”

“Listen, I only ask for all your information on Rayne’s stronghold in Romania.” Angelique says. “I’m not asking you to go, or to even think about it.”

“Oh so your going in alone?” Dawn shakes her head. “Rayne will tear you apart, she is so good at brutality, and I will be honest, the only reason you are still alive is because you still have your humanity intact, and well, brutality and Angelique don’t go well together.”

“I’m not perfect Dawn, and neither are you, especially now.” Angelique says. “It wasn’t long ago you were ready to kill every vampire there is.”

“Who said I don’t still feel that way?” Dawn spits back. “Yes I use my abilities to kill other vampires, but they are a curse…I hate it, loathe it really.”

“Kill all of us then yourself Dawn?” Angelique says. “What about Bill?”

“Don’t use his name!” Dawn shouts. “Don’t you dare use him as leverage.”

“Sorry, touchy subject I see.” Angelique replies. “Tell me what you know so I can leave.” Dawn nods and they move to the kitchen area.

“Well, you friend Rayne and her second Mallory had a great ball, I attended it to get a few high ranking vampire kills.” Dawn says tracing her finger on the map. “Here, this is the stronghold, a palace really, I went before I was…cursed…it may have changed, but I bet my humanity she is there now.”

“Its awfully isolated, in the mountains, where does she get her blood?” Angelique asks.

“Well that’s just how I got my invite. She throws these huge parties, showers gifts and money on local villages, paints herself to be a saint, then when all the invited have arrived she compels a few to keep as toys, and bleed them dry….”

“Makes sense.” Angelique replies. “What should I know?”

“Other than the fact just going there is walking into a death trap?” Dawn smiles. “That’s about it.”

“Well, I don’t have to come back Dawn, I have to avenge my family, and well, I’m tired of running.” Angelique frowns. “You wouldn’t understand, your too young.”

“Well you can fill me in on the way, when are we leaving?” Dawn asks.

“What?” Angelique cocks an eyebrow. “I thought you don’t work well with other vampires.”

“I don’t.” Dawn replies. “If it’s a suicide mission then you will be dead, and I’ll take out a few hundred vampires with me, and then I wont have to live with this god forsaken curse, everyone wins.”

“Well, pack up then, I have to stop by and pick up Tali.” Angelique replies.

“Talia the Witch?” Dawn asks. Angelique nods. “Great, teaming up with vampires and witches to take down vampires and witches.”

“Owen and my old partner from PPD are going too.” Angelique continues.

“Well lets get an innocent and a preacher killed, good team Angelique.” Dawn replies.

“Don’t say that, nobody is dead yet, I planned to leave them somewhere, they think they are going, that’s all.” Angelique looks Dawn in the eyes. “I’m not a monster Dawn, neither are you, we are unfortunate yes, but not monsters.”

“Speak for yourself, not for me.” Dawn has already quickly assembled a bag and picked up a case, filled with her vampire hunting gear no doubt. “Lets go.”

“Well, what now?” Mallory asks from her sprawled out position on a couch.

“We start with a party, lets not get down about this minor setback, Angelique wont go anywhere.” Rayne replies pouring thick red blood into a glass. “I’ll call a few friends to attend, then we will discuss our next move with some of the other more refined vampire family heads.”

“Lady Ylva I presume, and some of the witches as well?” Mallory asks.

“Well of course, In case things get hairy.” Rayne says.

“Your not afraid Angelique will try to go into hiding?” Mallory asks cocking an eyebrow. Rayne smiles as she brings her friend a glass and sits next to her.

“On the contrary, quite the opposite.” Rayne says as they touch glasses. “She will come to us, I am sure of it.”

“Why would she?” Mallory asks.

“Why not, we have her cornered, what do wounded or sick dogs do when you back them in a corner my love?” Rayne strokes Mallory’s face.

“The try to bite you.” Mallory replies with a grin as she leans in and nibbles on Rayne’s face.

“And what do you do to biting dogs?” Rayne asks again.

“You stake them through their hearts.” Mallory says poking her master on the chest, slowly tracing her finger to the other woman’s nipple.

“Precisely.” Rayne says. “Now come over here.”
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PostPosted: Nov Thu 03, 2011 9:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's it, I am officially bested or at the very least very well matched in the vampire genre, this was just too damn good and honestly the very best one of this story yet and one of your better ones overall. I am in awe over how well your taking to the genre and what quality and style you're bringing to it. Very Happy loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping

I was so impressed by the flashback of Angelique's I am assuming first or one of her first kills, the atmosphere, her feelings and how consumed she was by the thirst, the skillfully written setting, the wonderful kill and lovely details, all magnificently done. Very Happy clapping clapping

Rayne and Mallory are a wonderful duo and I adored their back and forth, classic villain scene. Very Happy clapping clapping

I have a feeling that by the end of this story Dawn will be as much yours as she is mine and I say that with a pleased smile on my face. Very Happy
Wow I could not be happier with the scene she and Angelique met, the dialogue, her attitute, the setting of her hideout (so perfect, wonder how I didn't think of that, so her), her bitterness, the way she treated the prospect of death and killing vampires and Angelique, it was all so right and as I'd have invisioned it, honestly you captured her so well I couldn't tell the difference between your handling of her and mine. Very Happy

I never had any fears you'd handle her with anything less that stellar success but this surprised even me and I am so thrilled about it, thanks for using her and using her so well, aching for more and to see how she does in the story, its a very fun and odd feeling to read your own character in anothers hands but very rewarding as I get to enjoy her as just another fan and that's a real fun feeling.

Love the plot as well and where its leading and the witches will sure make a great additions, loved Dawn's quip about that. laugh

Thanks again and I await the next part with baited breath. Very Happy

Your guy
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PostPosted: Nov Sat 05, 2011 12:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Really like this, great writing. Crisp and clear, well described, good work.

Nice intro, love the in media res approach here, you just can't go wrong with a keep assault, double whammy parental loss and tragedy, shocking surprise impalement of the first introduced character (on her own father's statute, damn!) leading to a gory sliding and guts being torn out, and topping everything off with a vampire turning.
I'm a bit concerned you were worried about not throwing in enough stuff to grab the reader straight off, though. laugh
Hmm, another vampire that picks worthy people to turn, least this one seems to make better picks. Very Happy

Liked the set up of Britney and Angie as partners on the force, the bantering between them, the murders, and then the first casual appearance and subsequent dismissal of the supernatural in the modern day setting. The homeless guy pouring out his drink was pretty funny, made me think of that guy from the Bond movies who did the double take after each Bond stunt that interrupted his day.

Damn, some crime scene, wasn't expecting that bit with the crucifix shoved into the girl. eek
Very interesting stuff with the reveal of Angie's powers and that the vampire was her father's killer.

Great introduction to the villains, Rayne, nice name for a vampire. Very Happy Her killing the girl and ranting about the failure of her plan, nice way to both show off her being evil and get more exposition in. And Mallory, already I'm guessing she's the really evil vamp.

Interesting bit with the two trying to track her down over the years.

Really like the classic vampire routine about letting them in, hmm, bet Angie has had to come up with some interesting excuses over the years. The dialogue between her and the priest, this whole story has the feel of a very fast paced comic or TV series with a lot of backstory not to be filled in until later, especially with the cuts between the main scene and Rayne and Mallory.

Wow, unexpected RPG attack, you certainly know how to throw a surprise in a story. Love the

vampire being in leather and helmet, very Blade-ish. Nice action scene, great shootings.

Rayne and Mallory feeding on the girl, very hot, liked the half-hearted effort of the girl in trying to push them off, and the end, wow. excited

Great to see another twisted coroner, love her letting down her hair and opening her coat while examining Angie, and the slow caressing of the body, damn. Very hot. Felt a little miffed that Owen showed up. Very Happy
His casual gassing of Alia was funny, and then Britney picking the worst time to come in and thinking that he was some pervert was even better. laugh
Very cool scene with the feeding of blood to bring Angie back and Britney being filled in on the supernatural world, liked her being accepting of it rather than the cliche "This can't be real" route.

The confrontation of Alia with Blue Horizon, tense scene, was looking forward to Alia being offed, didn't think there was much chance of her surviving.
Really liked the dark humour of the scene, the vamps showing up, the fighting between the
two while poor Alia was strangled and then choked to death, very cool.
The Sunshot, the vamp being unable to control her bloodlust, all great work.

Like that Angie got blood from the hospital, only seen that in Tales from the Darkside and a vampire game. Britney being so understanding with everything was pretty cool, such a sweet girl. Very Happy
Dawn! What a surprise, didn't see that coming at all. I couldn't wait to see if they got in touch with her, very cool.
Owen complaining about them taking the Lord's name was funny, one risk of working with a priest when you're a vampire hunter, I guess.

Elsa's being in trouble, geez, what happened to vampires taking care of their fledgings? laugh
The kill of the hooker, Elsa's taunts were great, loved her straddling the hooker and grinding her while killing her, nice.

The flashback to Angie's past, liked her trying to figure out the taboo, and her trying to coax them outside with blood red eyes, fangs, and hissing, hmm, that's one way of trying to get around it. Very Happy
Really liked the part on her smelling the black power, nice way to get in the superior vampire senses.
Her killing the young gypsy girl, nice contrast from the innocent she started the story as and the weary detective/reluctant vampire she is in the present. Nice bodysearch.

Loved Dawn's part here, her just staking Angie like that, damn, guess one has to be careful
dropping in to pay her a visit. Really liked her attitude here. Someone needs to sit Dawn
down and have her watch the Blade and Vampire Hunter D movies, show her how cool she is. Very Happy
This team up is great, two vampiric vampire hunters, a witch, a cop, and a priest, pretty eclectic.

Looking forward to seeing the two sides crash together, like the reveal that Mallory and
Rayne know that Angie is coming to them. Love that the two can't keep their hands off each
other, very hot.

Great work, looking forward to the next part.

Really now you two, you should just enjoy each other's works, after all, the last thing the readers would want is a competition over who has the best vampire story, each writer trying to top the other in cool and inventive ways to kill vampires, gore, vampire angst, making Dawn cooler, vampire hunting missions gone horribly wrong, things like that, with eager readers egging the two of you on.

Who would possibly want to see that? (tries to hide huge grin)
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PostPosted: Nov Sat 05, 2011 3:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is no competition needed Jack, Britney's got me beat and I am more than fine with that. Very Happy
And if anyone can make Dawn cooler (not to toot my own horn but I think she was pretty damn close to as cool as it gets) its Britney, she's already well on her way. Very Happy

As always you show great taste man. Very Happy

Yeah the Bond double take from Spy who loved me, moonraker and for your eyes only is a classic and I so thought the same as I read it, must our Britney's in touch with her Bondian spirits. Very Happy
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Nov Sat 05, 2011 8:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow!!! Jack that's an awesome comment! What a pleasant surprise! thanks for that! Makes me happy to know you are enjoying it! And yes, no competition here, I will deny any claims by Johann that I am the best, he has me beat, just read his long and engaging posts compared to my short quick bursts of imagination, no comparison really.

I do really hope to make the Dawn Angie thing something of legend though, I owe it to Johann letting me use Dawn and all to make her unbelievably amazing, so she will be! :)

and Johann, as always, gotta give it to you that the only reason this story flows and is amazing is because of you and your comments that make me just keep pouring in the chapters with the goal of seeing how much you like them, I honestly have to say I write for you on this board, and everybody else gets to make all the requests they want, but I just have this urge to reward you for your amazing writing, so that's why I write, plus, how can this friendly competition be fun if I just give up and let you be the best? ;)
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PostPosted: Nov Sat 05, 2011 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh wow Britney, not sure what to say, am really touched by that and I am so glad you feel that way and am so flattered by it all. Thanks so much, you're the best, most amazing girl ever. Very Happy

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree which is best or maybe reach a joint decision we're both the best. laugh ;)

I have no doubt your story and the Dawn angie thing will be the stuff of legends and I know to expect nothing less from you, you never miss. Very Happy

Never ever stop being amazing or writing but I don't think we're in a friendly competition because I am sore loser so I don't think of it that way. laugh

Thanks again you, you're too awesome. Very Happy

Your guy
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Nov Sat 05, 2011 8:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Cast, finally here, and thanks Johann for helping me make this look so clean and tidy and easy to see!

Angelique Bonnicardo

Britney Presley

Rayne Constantinescu

Mallory Vaine

Reverend Christopher Owen

Talia Blackheart

Agent Marsha

Agent Misha

Elsa Culville

Natasha Polanski


And Special guest! Johann's very own!!! Dawn!

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PostPosted: Nov Sat 05, 2011 9:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Your welcome, I am certainly enjoying the story.

Aw, nuts, no competition, I mean, good. sad

You know, you two could both just write ten back to back stories and then I'll make a totally impartial judgement on who is the best. laugh
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Nov Sat 05, 2011 9:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Elsa slowly looked over the dead blonde, sprawled out with her tongue protruding. She sniffs the blood, the girl is white now, nearly sucked dry. Elsa slowly runs a hand down the girls firm breast and wonders why they feel different from her own, smaller breasts. She cocks her head and then runs a finger into the girls deep exposed navel, she is curious to see the girls nakedness and slowly strips her of her already small amount of clothing to admire her body.

The girl is athletic and her build is much stronger looking than Elsa’s. Elsa traces her fingers over the girl’s abdominal muscles, muscles Elsa does not have. She frowns. Elsa looks through the cracks to see that the sun is setting and will soon be home. Then the phone begins to ring. She had nearly forgotten it and now she quickly crawls to the phone and picks it up.

“Hello?” Elsa says slowly.

“Listen, its Rayne, how are you faring?” Rayne replies from the other end.

“I am frightened master, I know little asides from my room in your palace, this great country with its lights and strange whore women makes me frightened!” Elsa says in a shaky voice. “I have fed, what if someone comes for her?”

“Forget that, I have a mission for you now Elsa, I want you to go to the home of Angelique, see if it is empty.” Rayne says. “Do this now.”

“But the sun master!” Elsa protests.

“Wait then, but do it as soon as you can!” Rayne replies. “I need to know that she has left the city!” Rayne hangs up the phone and Elsa watches the sun setting over the trees. She slowly extends a shaky hand into the slight rays poking through holes in the condemned house. She does not burn. Elsa smiles and makes her way to the door slowly and cautiously emerging from the darkness. Once she is sure she isn’t burning she stands straighter and straightens her short black skirt. She takes one step and the spear enters her stomach.

Elsa lets out a shriek of pain and staggers, eyes wide staring at the spear. As she reaches to remove the spear as second enters her back piercing though her completely. Her screaming increases only a moment before the leather clan figure cups a hand over her mouth. Elsa spits blood into the hand and reaches up to remove it but another gloved hand rams a syringe into Elsa’s neck.

“Shhh, we only need to talk!” A female voice says with a chuckle. “Then we may or may not let you live, we’ll just have to see what Marsha wants to do!”

Reverend Owen begins to whisper some verse under his breath as the witch walks, or prances to the waiting vehicle. She wears black skinny jeans and boots and a black top that looks like it just came from a meat grinder, baring all of her midriff and much of the rest of her body. Angelique looks back at Owen.

“Close your eyes, your best friend is here.” Angelique says. Dawn huffs and Britney looks at the girl wide eyed as she sits down in the seat next to Britney practically on Britney’s lap.

“Oh look at all of us!” Talia says in a sweet voice. “Angelique has other friends?”

“Allies.” Dawn corrects. Talia frowns.

“Who invited the party crasher!?” Talia demands.

“She is needed.” Angelique says. “You know Owen, and this is Britney.” Talia pokes Britney in the breast.

“What was that for!?” Britney asks.

“Vampire? Witch? Holocaust victim with no boobies?” Talia asks cocking an eyebrow.

“I’m just her partner!” Britney replies.

“Oh Angelique done went lesbian on me and all?” Talia shakes her head. “I wish you would have invited me first!”

“No partner at the PPD!” Britney corrects. “Geez, your awfully happy to be randomly flying to Romania to possibly die!”

“Die?” Talia looks at Angelique. “What do I not know!?”

“I filled you in already.” Angelique reminds the talkative witch. “Can we drive in peace?” Talia looks at the other faces staring at her.

“At least turn on the radio or something, your all sooooo happy to be going on vacation!” Talia throws up her hands and puts an arm around Britney’s small waist. “How bout a hug pouty faced girl.”

“My name is Britney…” Britney says rolling her eyes. Talia leans her head on Britney’s shoulder and smiles holding up a camera and taking a picture blinding everyone with the flash. “Isn’t that cute!” Dawn reaches from the seat behind her and grabs Talia by the throat pulling her back. Talia gasps and chokes gasping for breath. Dawn doesn’t let up and nobody protests as the petite blonde witch struggles kicking and gasping until she slowly weakens and goes still.

“I take it she doesn’t get out much.” Dawn says letting go and letting Talia’s head fall on Britney’s shoulder. Britney shrugs the unconscious girl over so her head hit’s the window.

“And she uses way too much fruity shampoo!” Britney adds. “Gosh, now I smell like pears!”

Rayne paces in front of Mallory and the newcomer; Lady Ylva. She is nervous and wants the party to be planned perfectly to trap and kill Angelique. At her disposal will be countless vampires and witches, but only Mallory and Lady Ylva can guarantee the job is done in her eyes.

“You cant be killed…” Rayne says slowly. “So I’ve heard of a ritual you have been a part of?” Lady Ylva smiles, her dark eyes narrowing.

“Yes, experimental at the time, that fool witch Talia anointed me with the blood of vampires, werewolves, humans, and the dark and light ones.” Lady Ylva says. “My body was covered, no anointment was left for any other witch, I will not be killed by a weapon.” Lady Ylva sucks her belly in and remembers Talia’s anointing of her, the foolish witch had missed one part of her, but that wasn’t important to bring up to Rayne.

“Mallory, you are my life, my lover, and my bodyguard, I do not want you to leave my side the whole night.” Rayne says touching Mallory’s hand. “After this is over, I want every moment of my greatness to be revealed with you at my right side.” She glances at Lady Ylva who awaits. “And you at my left.” Lady Ylva and Mallory smile. Rayne moves to a huge model of her palace.

“There will be many humans here, most of them compelled and at my disposal, Angelique is not fond of killing innocents here as of late, partially the reason she is so hard to track.” Rayne swipes her hand across the model fingering one of the turrets with her finger. “Angelique has little support among the families. The Salvatore’s are her only contact in the US, they wont be coming here, and well, most of the Culville’s are on our side.”

“I take it they don’t know you staked poor Bonnie do they? Or left Elsa high and dry out in the US?” Mallory rolls her eyes. “You need to remember the Culvilles aren’t idiots.”

“They aren’t important! Angelique is!” Rayne snaps back. “I killed her father myself, you killed her mother, that strange sister of hers died from that mental condition, and her cousins? All dead within a hundred years of the first strike.”

“So once Angelique is gone how do you plan to test the prophesy?” Lady Ylva asks. “It claims you will be immortal? Will Mallory or I drive a stake into your heart? Or leave you out in the sun?”

“I will know, I am sure of it.” Rayne replies. “But that is long term, lets enjoy the party, kill Angelique, and then we will take our futures one step at a time, take the new world order one step at a time.”

“Talia will be with her.” Lady Ylva adds.

“The witch who anointed you?” Rayne asks. “Not friends anymore?”

“No, not anymore.” Lady Ylva replies.

“Well kill her then, she sure as hell cant kill you.” Rayne smiles. “There ws only enough of the anointment for one witch, and that’s MY witch.”

The lights shatter and the young man has to throw himself to the ground to avoid the fire bolt sent his way. He gasps and looks around frantically for a weapon, this was most unexpected. Crawling on the ground he hears the high pitched laughter of the witch sent by Blue Horizon to kill him before he can catch the plane to Romania.

“Little boy vampires shouldn’t be out so late at night, how bout a stroll in sunlight?” The witch laughs. Looking in the mirror the young man sees the reflection of his attacker, she cant see him in the mirror for obvious reasons, so he uses this to his advantage quickly assessing the witch.

Blue Horizon Witch

She is tall and has long brown hair. She wears a tight blue shirt and tight black pants, she is unarmed, but one good blast from her fire bolts or the quick materialization of a stake sent hurling at his heart would spell the end for him. Looking around he see’s no weapon and has no course of action planned, he was caught completely off guard.

The witch cautiously steps around the corner and like lightning, her does what he does best, flies past her to the kitchen. She follows him with a searing fire bolt and misses. The young man grabs for a kitchen knife and gives it a fling at the witch. Her gasp and scream let him know he has found his mark. The witch jerks and fire, lightning and everything else dangerous bursts from her fingertips as she falls to the floor thrashing wildly, gasping and kicking her high heel booted feet, scuffing his hardwood living room floors. Slowly the spells disappear and the ragged gasping is all the comes from the would be assassin.

The young vampire walks around the corner to see the witch for the first time face to face. She is young and beautiful, and no looks more the victim then the killer. She looks up at him, still wide eyed in shock with a small amount of pain on her face, still in shock and the pain has not fully hit her. The large knife is embedded in her chest between her perky breasts which now move as her chest rapidly rises and falls. She moans and her feet begin to rub together.

“You….you….” the witch reaches for the knife in her chest but her hands fall away, she is too weak to pull it out and ultimately her body is already giving up. The blue top is quickly soaking red from the deep wound. Blood begins to trickle from her lips as she swallows hard and a tear runs down one cheek. “You…got me….” The girl’s hands fall to her sides and she makes no attempt to fight for her life. The young man kneels beside her and touches one of her hands.

“Why do you people want me dead!?” The young man asks. “I didn’t ask for what I am!” The witch gasps and her back arches some and she blinks looking into his eyes.

“You must see… are a hazard….to…society…a nasty…blight…on…” The witch lets the tears fall from her eyes. “Oh…f***….why am I even….” She swallows hard and more blood gushes past her red lips. “Vampires…..Werewolves….you must….die….” Lightning lets go of her hand and stands up still looking into her piercing eyes. The girl arches up once more and lets out a long moan and collapses. The young man leans down and slowly reaches into her back pockets searching for anything to help him trace her. He then reaches into her bra and finds nothing. Gently he lifts the small body from, his floor and takes her downstairs into his basement where he will bury her beside the last witch sent his way.
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PostPosted: Nov Sun 06, 2011 7:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great, great chapter, so many golden moments and the plot and characters develop in very interesting directions. Very Happy

Talia is just a delightfully slutty and flamboyant character with great comic relief potential, her banter with Britney was excellent and Dawn's handling of her was so cool, so fitting and so funny, loved it and how no one reacted and how Britney shrugged her off, classic. laugh clapping clapping clapping
See you're going to have a lot of fun with Talia. laugh

Elsa's moment with the blonde's body was so amazing and hot, thanks for that, love how naive and strange her character is, makes her very one of a kind and almost sympathetic in a way despite her being evil.
Love the twist of her captured and look forward to that but why was she not harmed by the sun?

Rayne and Mallory's plot is intriguing and I can't wait for that party and Ylva makes a great addition and I adore the whoe anointment thing, very clever and cool and with potential, like the idea of her and Talia going head to head. Very Happy

Lightning's fight with the witch was so cool and creative and like out of a movie, like his style and how you gave her some sympathy by showing how deluded she is by the faith she has, poor girl.
She was stunning and died so pretty, liked him searching her quickly and then taking her to the basement to bury her besides the last one, classic and so so cool, do wish he'd have checked those boots of hers but no matter.
Still excited to see where his part in all of this comes into play and what his angle is. Very Happy

Really can't wait for the next part, this is so good and imaginative and colorfully described, masterful. Very Happy

Great cast list again and it was my pleasure to help, least I could do. Very Happy
Love Dawn's billing as special guest. Very Happy

Your guy
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Nov Sun 06, 2011 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Elsa squirms at her restraints, she finds she is in nothing more than her black bra and matching panties. She can hear her own breathing and realizes she is very afraid. Looking down at her feet, she sees they are both strapped to the table, just the way her hands are so that she is stretched in an “X” shape. She wiggles her feet and hands and realizes she is very much trapped. She also realizes she is very hungry.

“What do you want….” She cries weakly, her voice cracking. Apparently realizing she has come to, footsteps fill her ears, booted feet, high heeled, booted feet. The two who enter the room are recognizable instantly, the same two who gunned down Anyssa with the bullets with the suns heat and light.

“Ah, Elsa Culville.” The one she remembers as Marsha says with a smile. “How are you feeling, my girls tend to be a little rough, especially with vampires.” Elsa squirms some.

“What do you want from me, just stake me and get this over with!” Elsa gasps.

“Where is all that sssssensuality in your voice Elsa?” Misha mocks. “Not so “sssscary” now are we?” Elsa looks at her two captors, sizing them up, both girls are dressed in the tight leather body suits of the Blue Horizon Vampire Mercenaries, both are human, she can smell their blood.

“Why haven’t I been killed?” Elsa asks. “Surely that is why I am here.”

“You misunderstand us Elsa.” Marsha says with a obviously fake sympathetic voice. “We don’t hate vampires, we hate their food source; human blood.”

“If only you little darlings ate something less….brutal, we would have little problem with you.” Misha throws in.

“It wasn’t my choice!” Elsa says. “I was part of a family and once I was of age, they turned me!” Elsa doesn’t hide the tear. “I am so young, I cannot help my blood lusts!”

“See that’s just it, the older vampires can control it and find other means, but humans are going to keep getting turned, and well, we cant have that, not in the US and not on the whole planet.” Marsha looks Elsa over slowly running her fingers over the girls bare belly making Elsa tense. “You still feel my touch, you feel pain…yet you have no heart, not a beating one anyway.”

“I feel it much magnified.” Elsa responds softly. “SO much more than you will ever feel touch.” Marsha jams the little toothpick she had hiding between two of her fingers into Elsa’s belly halfway. Elsa cries out in shock and pain and arches as much as the restraints allow.

“Okay, so maybe we want you dead because we are jealous too?” Marsha laughs some. “But you know if we wanted you dead, we would have already killed you.” Misha leans forward and plucks out the toothpick much to Elsa’s pleasure. Elsa sighs and the little wound slowly heals.

“We want to talk to you, we want to know why you were after the “body” in the morgue, we now realize that that cop we gunned down, didn’t exactly die, and we also know she was in the sunlight during the gunfight.” Marsha crosses her arms and Misha begins to run the toothpick over Elsa’s belly in a circular motion, sliding it up to the bottom rim of her bra, then down across the rim of her low cut panties.

“I only know my master wanted us to make sure she was dead!” Elsa quickly responds. “It was my first mission, Anyssa was the one who knew the details!” Misha rams the toothpick into Elsa’s belly right at her panty line brining a cry of pain and causing Elsa to suck in her belly. Misha grabs another toothpick leaving this one in Elsa’s belly.

“Wrong answer!” Marsha replies. “You family types share A LOT of info with each other, so surely Anyssa filled you in some.” Marsha smiles. “Before we gave her a little sunny day in that belly of hers.”

“Anyssa wasn’t my sister! She was a Collins!” Elsa gasps still feeling the effects of the wooden tooth pick in her lower belly. “Please believe me, wait! I know the girls name!”

“Well?” Marsha cocks an eyebrow.

“Angelique Bonnicardo!” Elsa gasps. “I know nothing more, please! Don’t make me suffer!” Misha rams another tooth pick right into Elsa’s navel causing Elsa to arch and moan, her toes pointing and curling and her hands frantically pulling at the restraints.

“Angelique Bonnicardo eh?” Marsha looks at Misha. “She could be a hybrid, not a werewolf though, or a witch, I don’t think a witch anyway, they stay away from law enforcement.”

Misha nods and rams another toothpick into the petite body of Elsa, this one just at the upper rim of her bra, on her right breast. Marsha shakes her head as Misha licks her lips. Marsha tugs out the toothpicks making Elsa arch again and gasp, breathing hard.

“Anything else you want to “sssssay?”” Marsha smiles at Misha. Elsa looks at her torturers.

“I had, or have a theory…” Elsa’s breathing is still heavy, the toothpick stabs are taking longer to heal. “This Angelique, my master doesn’t send vampires to big cities allover th world, we stay in our home in Romania, I have never left our castle until this mission.” Elsa takes a few deep breaths as the wounds start to finally heal. “This girl must be important to her in some way, she wanted us to kill her, so maybe….maybe she is very dangerous to you and us….”

“We don’t work with miss Rayne, her and Mallory would die if they set foot in this country…” Marsha says. Elsa shakes her head.

“I’,….I’m not proposing anything…” Elsa blinks some, letting out more tears.. “I am just telling you what I know so that you might kill me a bit quicker…” Misha smiles and slowly pulls out a long stake. Marsha pushes the stake away and reaches up with a key, unlatching Elsa’s restraints, she does the same for her feet. Elsa slowly rolls on her side and brings up her knees beginning to whimper.

“Why not?” Misha mouths. Marsha is still shaking her head.

“We have all we need Elsa, you will be free to go, as soon as the sun is down, I’ll have you sent back home with a plane ticket and all.” Marsha strokes Elsa’s head. “We do greatly appreciate this service of information, and hope to speak with you again sometime, maybe at your house one day.” Elsa hides her head between her knees and pulls herself more tightly in the fetal position.

Marsha motions Misha to follow her and they move over into the next room, an office in the old Hospital Blue Horizon bought and now use as their Eastern United States base. Misha sits in a chair and crosses her legs and Marsha moves to a desk where many screens surround the chair. She clicks one on and is staring at one of her top mercenaries. The girl smiles and behind her Marsha can see a few white clad scientists and doctors at work on a girl laying on a table.

“Wow, already have her out of the tank, will she be ready for a mission within twenty four hours?” Marsha asks. The girl shakes her head.

“Sorry, I think we have run into some problems, she seems to have picked up flawed traits of the body we pattered her after.” The girl says with an uncertain glance at the girl on the table.

“I was told that she was patterned off a genius in both mathematics and well, anything.” Marsha replies, eyes narrowed.

“Well you know how people with autism and such can count cards and well…do equations and all that?”

“Penelope, just cut to the chase.” Marsha says cutting in. “I’ve spent a fortune at that dig site, with those bones, and now, you are telling me we have created a retarded girl?”

“I didn’t say that either its just, she seems to be, well, maybe we have the wrong set of bones….” Penelope says slowly. “We will only know when we unplug her from all the…terminals…”

“Well, she will answer to your voice, do as you command when you use the right phrases, so find out if she has any of the intelligence I was promised, and if not, discard her.”

“Discard ma’am? She cost you a lot of money.” Penelope looks back at Marsha blinking.

“Use her for target practice, command her to slit her own throat, I don’t care, if she isn’t right I don’t want her!” Marsha clicks off and runs her fingers through her hair. “Looks like the miracle girl from the Romanian ruins was a big hoax.”

“Most of these legends and myths are Marsha, you should have listened to me then.” Misha rolls her eyes.

“Well, it sounds good when you hear about a girl who could read minds and see right down to your soul, it was worth the setbacks.” Marsha turns to another screen and clicks it on. “Miranda, is the team ready?”

A lovely raven haired girl smiles and nods. She looks great in her bodysuit and is armed with a machine pistol and two other pistols at her sides.

“We’re ready to go ma’am, ready to show Rayne we can hurt her from anywhere.” Miranda says smiling broadly. “Honored to be a part of the charge ma’am, but um…how do we know where her castle and great palace are?”

“these foolish vampires feel invincible in Europe, just look for invites to the party and go in and crash it, or we’ll follow her little whore back, I let that slut go.”

“Good thinking ma’am, we’ll see you at the airport.” Miranda clicks off and Marsha smiles, soon she’ll be smearing her victory in Yellow Crescent’s face.

Penelope turns back to the scientists and nods. They slowly begin to remove the needles from the small girls arms and neck. The girl grimaces and moans some, but is still unconscious. Penelope puts her hands on her hips and leans back, her blonde hair is fixed in an older fashioned manner, hoping the girl has been brought up to date by the medication and brainwashing information being fed into her brain. Penelope however, forgets the idea of old fashioned clothing and even goes as far as to not even buttoning her top back up, letting her new velvet bra show, all the scientists are close to her anyway.

“Okay lets wake her up.” Penelope says with a sigh. The scientists remove the last of the terminals and Penelope huffs as she looks the girl over. She looks even more innocent and otherworldly now that they have dressed her in a plain, short olive dress and some flat leather boots. Her hair is still wet from the life tube in which she was created to an exact copy of what the girl from over four hundred years ago would have looked like. Penelope doesn’t see genius in her eyes.

One of the doctors inserts a stimulator needle in her arm and the girl coughs and arches up ward with a dry heave. Her body jerks and contorts a moment and Penelope expects a complete failure, and to never even see the girls eyes, but when they open, they are wide and dark, and staring right at her.

“Blessing and Grace…” Penelope says softly. The girl blinks. “Now stand up.” the girl shakes her head nervously and a shaking hand pulls some of her hair down in front of her face. “I said stand…” the girl glances around at the people around her.

“Where is my room and all the flowers…where is my books and games…?” the girl says in barely a whisper.

“What did she say?” Penelope asks. Two of the female scientists shrug and glance back at her. One extends a probe and the girl bats it away.

“Why touch these things to me….?” she asks. “Mommy said the doctors would never return….where are you mommy!” the girl yells looking expectantly as if her mother is about to turn the corner and take her from the table. Penelope exhales and holds up a bag of rocks.

“How many rocks am I holding?” She asks. The girl looks at her confused.

“A bag of small stones…why show me this….I do not understand this game…” The girl pushes her hands to her head. “Oh….I feel much pain….why am I feeling like this…make them go away…!” Tears start to run from the girls eyes and she shakes her head. “I want my mother!”

“Okay, maybe you understand this game…” Penelope says. She doesn’t want to watch the little petite girls death and turns heading back to her office. “Terminate her Doctor Walsh.” One of the scientists, a tall brunette picks up a syringe from the table and approaches the girl.

“Okay this will only sting a little so lets go ahead and…” the girl grabs her wrist and turns it ramming the needle into the Doctor Walsh’s neck. Walsh’s eyes bug and she gags choking a moment as the poison flows into her neck. Foam spills from her mouth and she jerks and chokes falling back thrashing a moment arched over the table behind them, then she slides to the floor, eyes staring in death.

The other scientists as if caught in a trance of shock are slow to respond as the girl shoves the table she lays on back, its wheels sending her towards the wall. She rolls off the side and lands on her feet in a near split. One of the scientists grabs a pistol and fires at the girl as she dashes behind the tank. The bullets splatter on the thick protective glass and the girl screams at them.

“Why does it hurt!!!!???” The girl screams in an ear piercing voice. “I want to run, why do I want to run…?” The Nurse with the gun turns the corner as the leather boot kicks her under the chin. The gun flies up into the air as the nurse topples backward. The young girl grabs the pistol and doesn’t hesitate to put two shots into the Nurse’s breasts. The Nurse arches and moans clutching her breasts as the tight white top soaks red. Already the girl has turned the gun on another of the scientists and fires. The girl jerks and her eyes cross as blood flows from between her eyes. She crumples to the floor.

The last of the scientists goes down on her knees begging and crying in inaudible words. The girl slowly leans down and looks at her. Her eyes look puzzled, she looks around and kneels in front of the crying scientist.

“You are fearful of me, when moments ago you wanted me dead, fearful of revenge I think?” the girls head cocks to the side. “I dot want this, I want to see my mommy and my family, I do not like this place, can you take me home?” The scientist is gasping and shaking her head as tears fall.

“W…what…?” the scientist gasps. “Don’t…kill me…..please don’t kill me…” the girl reads the name tag, or seems to.

“What does this say?” she asks pushing a finger to the name tag.

“My….my name…..” The scientist gasps. “A…Amber….”

“Amber….” The girl touches her lips. “Your name….my name is….” The girl looks confused. “My name is…oh no….I cant remember it! Can you help me remember?” suddenly bullets pour into the lab from the window in Penelope’s office as she pours automatic fire at the girl she helped to create. The scientist screams as two bullets from the blast pierce her in the belly and crotch. The girl screams too and grabs Amber pulling her behind the tank.

“You are hurting…I can see it and feel it in your thoughts…” The girl says slowly pulling up amber’s white blouse. Blood gushes from the wounds and Amber gasps and her high heeled feet kick. Amber pushes her shaking hands to her belly wound attempting to stop the bleeding from the high caliber bullets.

“My….oh f***….she shot me….Penelope….you shot….me…” Amber gasps and blood gushes from her mouth.

“What do I do for you? You are hurting bad? Can I sing will that make it better, that always works for my sissy….” More bullets thud and send sparks. The girl grabs the pistol and looks at it. “Not a ladies weapon….a sword….I want a sword…” she tosses the pistol aside and looks at Amber. “I will be back I promise, I will protect you and kill this villainous woman…” The girl lunges forward and climbs the tank with lightning speed.

Penelope turns the corner, assault rifle raised and sees the bleeding Amber. Amber looks at her wide eyed from her position sprawled over some of the tubes leaning into the tank. Penelope points her gun. Amber gasps and tries to reach for the discarded pistol and Penelope fires a single round. Amber jerks as the bullet pierces her chest and slams into her heart. She arches up and lets out a last moan is dies, eyes staring.

A scream comes from above and the girl lunges downward. Penelope cant turn her gun in time and her shots spray the wall as the girl lands on her throwing them both to the ground. At first they struggle for the gun, but then the girl kicks Penelope in her guts and ignores the gun, going for Penelope’s throat. Penelope thrashes wildly and pulls the trigger, hoping the gun will scare the innocent looking girl. The girl is unfazed and drive her small thumbs into Penelope’s neck.

“Amber was my friend! My only friend!” The girl shouts like a child. Penelope thrashes wiggling like a worm on a hook as the smaller girl straddles her with an angry expression. “Why kill your own people!?” Penelope gags and her tongue slowly slides out as the girl keeps her thumbs dug deep. She kicks hard sending the four inch stiletto’s off of her hosed feet. She tries to get leverage with her feet on one of the hoses to the tank, but the hose make her feet continue to slip off.

Penelope gags and gasps for air but the girl is determined. Penelope’s hands grip the girls wrists, attempting to cut her wrists with her long finger nails, but every time her fingernails near a vein, the girl hops on Penelope’s belly making Penelope gag and eventually her hands fall to her sides. She blinks, her tongue still twitching as the gurgling noises bring drool to the corner of her mouth.

“You will die….” the girl gasps. “You took away my family didn’t you…?” the girl pushes Penelope’s head back and Penelope’s twitching tongue falls to the side. Her wiggling toes finally stop moving and her body just twitches and flops, her stare far beyond seeing. The girl holds her neck tightly, not wanting to let go. “Murderer, shooting Amber and trying to kill me…why? Mother says I am sick, but she doesn’t know I hear her…”

Penelope’s makes a final gagging sound and her flopping stops, eyes vacantly staring. The girl seems to know she is gone and slowly lets go of Penelope’s neck. She sits beside her and begins to reach into her brand new velvet bra. She searches it for any sign of identification, at her mother and father’s grand balls she has seen women pull out all kinds of things from their breasts, but nothing.

She moves to her skirt reaching all inside it. Penelope jerks once, only a reflex but it makes the girl jump and decide to cancel her search, she will just have to find her family on her own. She stands up and wonders why she has never seen such a building or weapons like this. Then she screams as she sees flashbacks. A table, these white clad women probing her, then information floods her aching head. Weapons, new weapons….a different time….many many years in the future.

“Mommy!!!!” the girl cries out looking around. “Mommy I you are here answer me!!” She begins to sob. “Sissy!!! Where are you, Daddy!!!! Father….please!!!!! Why did you all leave me….?!” the girl sits down. “It’s because I’m different….they wanted a normal girl….not me….they gave me to these doctors to cure….didn’t they?”

The girl walks into the office area and sees two swords on the wall, in a frame of glass. She breaks it and takes them. Then she sees a window, leading to a desert looking area. She is a few stroies up but that doesn’t bother her. She rushes at the glass and crashes through it, she does a twist and then a flip and lands hard on her feet.

“Have you tried the nuts?” Talia asks looking at Britney with her face far to close to Britney’s. Britney looks her in the eye and slowly pops one in her mouth. She chews on it awhile then opens her mouth really big. “Ewww!”

“Don’t look so closely and it wont happen!” Britney snaps. “The nuts are really good though.” Angelique smiles from a few rows back, the plane is nearly empty. Owen has contacts and used them to get the most vacant flight for them. A family of five sits about ten rows up, and two women about six rows behind Angelique and Dawn.

“Have you ever fallen in love?” Dawn asks suddenly.

“Excuse me?” Angelique looks over at Dawn who she had thought was sleeping. The girl is staring at her, expressionless.

“Ever loved a man and watched him grow old and die, while you remained the same?” Dawn looks at her. “Given many lifetimes, people would die to have eternal life, but I cant imagine seeing all of my friends….die…grow old…weak…”

“Me and Chris hunted together a lot, killed dangerous Vampires.” Angelique replies. “He was such a striking young man, and he really fell for me.” Angelique sees the aging preacher nodding off two rows up, she talks quietly in a voice only a vampire’s hearing could pick up. “He was so charming, and he had a passion to protect those who were innocent.”

“You and Minister Owen.” Dawn asks.

“Never anything sexual.” Angelique smiles. “He has always loved me though, he wouldn’t be here now, and nor would I if he didn’t.” Angelique lets her head fall to the side facing Dawn. “Good night Dawn.” Dawn watches Angelique’s eyes close and leans back.

“I never wanted this…” She says gritting her teeth. “Never…”
"Please!! Dont Shoot Me!!!" BANG... Ugh...
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Why is it every time I feel you've shown us your best you go ahead and top it? laugh Wow. clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping

Please for me Britney admit you are far better than me, sure I am good, maybe even very good on my best day but I am not you, especially given how effortless you make it seem and how quickly you work, it takes me days to do what you do in hours or even possibly less.

This is one of the best, most imaginative, clever, fun and well written chapters you've ever done and with it you show a whole new side of your skills, sci-fi. I mean wow this story's got it all now and more, the girl cloned form ancent bones with fractured memories and superpowers is a brilliant creation and most of all because of the wonderful humanity and child like quality's you gave her, she feels so one of a kind, so real and I instantly felt for her, a sort of creature like Frankensteins creation only cuter and even more sympathetic, love the twist of her escape and that she is in fact so innocent in nature and confused and not just a perfect weapon as I first imagined she'd be.
Brilliant writing. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping

Marsha and Micha make a great duo and I especially love Marsha, she is a wonderful and sexy villainess with a cool character and a sense of humor and cruelty I find irresistable in such characters, her interrogation of Elsa and the subtle torture was fantastic and made me feel for the poor vampire. laugh clapping clapping
Like the childlike sensability in Elsa, that is something you capture so well and so realistically, no doubt cause you yourself are so sweet and kind. Very Happy

Penelope was a great character with an even better dress sense (loved your assignment of that role) and her death was nothing short of magnificent, so amazing, powerful and hot beyond words, truly adored the hosed feet feature and how they slipped, amazing. loveheart loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping
And the girl searching her and the reason you gave it was great and I loved her getting put off by the twitching. laugh loveheart loveheart loveheart

The carnage of the other scientists was great and well described and staged so well and the girl's feelings for Amber were touching and made me feel for Amber.

That Miranda sounds truly amazing, dying to see who plays her. Oh yes Oh yes

The scene in the plane was wonderful, loved to hear the history of Angie and Owen, reminded me of Let me in only less creepy laugh and Dawn's questions of love and her bitterness as she said she never wanted this was so touching and so fitting, loved that she asked because its what she worries about anf how subtle and genuine it was. Very Happy

Truly one of your best ever and showes how you talents are ever growing and evolving.

I always mean it when I say I can't wait for more but rarely have I meant it as much as i do now. Very Happy

You best us all and I love that, your guy
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“Wait, I’m not sure I understand what you are saying.” Marsha says with a chill. “She what?!”

“She e…escaped ma’am….and Penelope and the team….dead.” The girl standing before Marsha in a leather clad body suit makes circles with her booted foot nervously. “That’s…the reports…”

“She was in the dome, no one just “escapes” she would have seen herself in an endless desert, nowhere to go!” Marsha feels her hand sliding to her pistol.

“She blasted her way out ma’am…” The girl says nervously. “Took one of the bikes and that was the last we saw of her, killed a few at the checkpoint too…”

“Well, trace the bike, all of the Blue Horizon equipment is tracked.” Marsha flips the safely off with her finger.

“Well…you see….she must have found the tracer….we cant find any….sign of it…..” The girl takes a step back. “We have reason to believe….she went through Penelope’s computer….security codes were all breached….” the shot rings out as Marsha fires from the hip. The girl jerks and grunts as blood splatters from her chest, just above her left breast. The girl gasps and stares in shock as she staggers.

“I grow tired of incompetence!” Marsha shouts as the girl falls forward to her knees, slowly moving a gloved hand to the small bullet hole from which blood now seeps. She touches it and looks at it as if still in shock then slowly looks up at Marsha. Marsha kicks the girl in the chest sending her falling back across the office floor with a gasp. The girl arches up and spits blood. Marsha stands over her.

“Failure may very well have just put this mission, this company, and my very life in danger!” she spits on the girl and the girl only stares up gasping. “Think about that with your last moments.” Marsha steps past the moaning girl and picks up her phone. She calls Misha.

“Yes?” Misha answers.

“Looks like the little screw up is on the loose, lockdown our bases and meet me at the airport, we are getting to Romania ASAP, I dont wanna be here when the little b**** starts killing whoever she found on Penelope’s files.” Marsha hears the dying girl moan and arch up, then the girl goes limp.

“Maybe she wasn’t the failure we thought.” Misha says.

“Oh the terminate order was given by Penelope, it just wasn’t carried out, so it looks like all we did was feed her tons of tactical information, mixed with her broken false memories, Jesus Christ….”

“Just meet me at the airstrip, we’ll worry about her after we handle Rayne.” Misha comforts Marsha and hangs up. Marsha meets three leather clad guards outside and they get into the armored SUV and head for the airstrip.

Dawn looks at the others, all asleep. She sighs loudly and shakes her head, how can anyone sleep with such a mission looming. In less than 24 hours the whole lot of them could be dead and a terrible vampire could be on a maddened rampage, angered by not receiving invincibility from Angelique’s death. Bored, Dawn pokes Angelique in the arm and her eyes slide open.

“Why would there be such a myth about the Bonnicardo’s?” Dawn asks.

“My father was a powerful man.” Angelique replies. “He made a foolish statement that if any other of the great Romanian lords could wipe out himself and his bloodline, they would be worthy of eternal life. One witch took this to heart and spread the rumor in hopes to see him be killed. She didn’t life to see it and was burned at the stake a few weeks later, but not before of the powerful Vampire clans heard her ranting.”

“So a rumor started all of this mess?” Dawn shakes her head exhaling deeply. “The man should be ashamed of himself! Putting you and his wife at risk, and your brother.”

“My brother died at birth, I only had a sister.” Angelique replies. “Or half of a sister.”

“Oh she was not all there I hear, but I’m sorry to hear about your brother.” Dawn shrugs. “then again, four hundred years ago, I doubt you remember much about them.”

“I remember my childhood vividly, and it reoccurs many nights in my dreams.” Angelique replies. “I used to play a game with my sister, the hand game, we would slap each others hands, see who had better reflexes, I told her if she could ever beat me, I would sneak out with her and we would tour the barracks, she was very interested in them.”

“Did she ever beat you?” Dawn asks.

“No, she was sick you see, she had a brain tumor, something we could have healed with todays medicine, we thought it was a curse, the pressure on her brain caused her to get confused and to well, become quite mental.”

“So you tormented her with silly games and promises.” Dawn rolls her eyes. “You sound like a great older sister.”

“It wasn’t torment, I liked having a playmate and she worshipped me.” Angelique smiles. “What young girl doesn’t want that?”

“So when did she die?” Dawn asks.

“About a year before my twentieth birthday, the day my family was slaughtered.” Angelique looks out the airplane window at the night sky. “She began to cry, and tell us her head was hurting, a few hours later she was falling in and out of consciousness, the priest was called, and I held her hand while she slipped away.”

“How old was she?” Dawn asks. “Sad way to go, knowing now it could have been prevented.”

“Seventeen.” Angelique replies. “Just before she died she woke up and looked me straight in the eyes and our hands pressed together. She said she wished her fingers were as long as mine, then she told me not to trip and fall when they come for me.”

“Talking out of her mind?” Dawn asks.

“Yes, the funny thing is I tripped and fell off the balcony the night my family as slaughtered, impaling myself on my fathers’ statue’s spear. She had a way getting in peoples heads sometimes, it was strange really.”

“Interesting story.” Dawn looks out the window, we have awhile yet, how do you sleep knowing you could die tomorrow?” Dawn frowns. “I hardly sleep at all with what goes on through my head, you act like none of this matters, dragging a poor innocent girl and a preacher to possible death and your sleeping like a baby.”

“Things change when you live four hundred years.” Angelique replies not even looking back at her.

“Thanks for reminding me that my future is so bright and that I’ll loose my drive to do what’s right.” Dawn replies. “Being a vampire really takes away that quality of having a short time on earth and the desire to make things right huh?”

“I never said I lost it.” Angelique says. “And I can see your passion for stopping evil Dawn, you wont loose it either.”

“Somehow I’m not convinced…” Dawn leans back and closes her eyes, and somehow feels herself tire and fall asleep.

“Again…” Mallory says as she opens the door and the young brunette walks in. the girl is tall and slender and looks gorgeous, and she is compelled to kill Rayne with a long sword. She wears a tight black dress and thigh high hose with high heels. Her sword is ready and her eyes are full of desire to follow her command by Mallory.

Rayne faces her with her own sword and the two begin to circle. The tall brunette strikes out and Rayne blocks it and counters with a flurry of slashes and thrusts. The girl blocks them each and slices high nicking Rayne’s face. Rayne gasps and swipes the sword away before the girl can land another slash on her chest. The girl smiles and glances at Mallory who nods to her to continue and keep her eye on the prize. Rayne thrusts at her and the girl bats the thrust to the side and rams her sword into Rayne’s now unprotected belly.

Rayne gasps and staggers back clutching her belly. The girl withdraws the sword and holds it high triumphantly. Rayne goes to a knee and gasps a gloves hand cupped over her bare belly. Mallory is shaking her head as she stands between her compelled trainer and Rayne.

“You don’t have a fear of her because she doesn’t know how to kill you!” Mallory yells. “You realize that you have been around more than 600 years and a 27 year old girl from a fencing school is making mince meat of you?”

I’m merely toying with her!” Rayne yells back.

“Prove it!” Mallory snaps and stands aside. “Continue.” The girl bows and Rayne grits her teeth standing back before the wound is fully healed. The girl strikes out again and slashes Rayne’s side. She continues with two more consecutive slashes that Rayne manages to swipe away, then she leans in and thrust her sword into Rayne’s right breast. Rayne gasps and rams her sword sloppily into the girls belly.

The girl’s eyes widen and she gasps. She looks down at the sword and Mallory smiles removing the compulsion so that the girl can truly suffer. The girl gasps and lets go of her own sword still stuck in Rayne’s chest and staggers back off the tip of Rayne’s blade. A shaking hand moves to the small red circle forming on the girls black dress and she looks over at Mallory, now fully aware she is in a strange place and only knows that she has been stabbed.

The girl gasps, wide eyed and fall back on her butt hard, pressing a hand to the wound. She looks at the two, eyes widening as she watches Rayne pull the sword from her breast and toss it aside with a curse. She looks at Mallory, gasps and falls back on her back, still staring. Blood is now running between her trembling fingers and as she rubs her feet together one of her heels slides off.

“Wh…..where….whats happening…?” The girl gasps. Mallory stands over her and slowly runs a hand over the girls cheek.

“We were playing a game and needed a pawn sweetie, you did fantastically well.” Mallory winks at her and the girl swallows hard now looking down at her bloody hand.

“I’m…..hurt….she stabbed….me….” The girl coughs with blood starting to run from her mouth.

“Well the games over now,” Mallory replies. “You lost.” The girl groans and rubs her hosed foot against the floor as she tries to drag herself to the wall by sliding over on her stomach and pulling herself along with one arm, while the other covers her belly wound.

“We need to keep up these training sessions Rayne, your woefully unprepared to handle a vampire who is fighting for her life.” Mallory says watching the gasping girl drag herself away in a pitiful attempt to escape.

“Angelique isn’t exactly known as a real fighter.” Rayne replies rolling her eyes and cleaning the blood from her sword.

“Well, she is better than you! And who says she isn’t bringing some secret weapon?” Mallory strokes Rayne’s still slightly bloody cheek. “I just want you to be ready that’s all.” The girl is at the wall now and with a gasp she pulls herself up against it tucking her legs under herself and leaning her head against the wall. The girl looks out into the hallway.

“Help….me……please….” The girl weakly calls to two girls walking by. They glance her way and continue walking. The girl gasps and looks up at Mallory. “Pl….please….” Mallory uses her bare foot to slowly push the girl back on her back. She then smiles and blows her a kiss. The girl grunts and gasps and arches up loosing her other heel, then is still. Eyes staring vacantly. Mallory leans down and pulls off the girls rather charming necklace and then nudges the body with her foot.

“I AM ready.” Rayne groans. “Ready to be invincible, and be with you in the hot tub upstairs.” Mallory is the one to roll her eyes now.

“You get all of ME that you want once you actually win against one of these weak humans!” Mallory replies and smiles. “Next!”

The girl clutches her head as memories mix with these new implanted thoughts. She sees wars with horrible weapons, then she sees her mother smiling down at her and combing her hair. Then an explosion, or a plane, or a new move that can kill a man with a finger, then a song her father liked to sing. She presses against her temples.

“Burning….burning…..burning…..burning….” She mumbles then hears movement ahead of her. She slides under a blanket nearby and waits for the booted feet to pass, another Blue Horizon guard. She now knows the group who awoke her are called Blue Horizon, they wanted her to do something, now they want her dead, they are going to Romania to stop someone, Romania was her home, so now she is hiding right under their noses in their big plane. She smiles, maybe she will find her family.

She listens to the drum of the engine and wishes she could find someone to play with, hide and seek, she has already found so many good hiding places on this plane. She looks over at her swords and the two pistols she has kept, one has armor piercing bullets, the other has a strange bullet with a bright orange capsule, she knows that one is used for killing predators, Vampires, she remembers her father telling stories of such creatures, only coming out at night, preying on girls who dint go to bed at their bed time, she is starting to think maybe her father made the last part up, but quickly closes her eyes and tries to sleep just in case it is true.
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PostPosted: Nov Wed 09, 2011 9:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow a fantastic chapter full of surprises and amazing writing. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping

Marsha being such a badass cold villainess is amazingly cool, loved her handling of the poor girl that delivered the news. Very Happy loveheart loveheart loveheart

Rayne's duel with the girl as Malloy cheered on was terrificly staged and described and so sexy and exciting. Very Happy
Loved Rayne getting run through more than once, great use of the vampire aspects there and the girls slow demise as she lost her heels and rubbed her feet ;) was sad and so nice and pretty and well written. Very Happy loveheart loveheart

Dawn's talk with Angie was touching and I liked them bonding more and the twist of the girl's identity was inspired, did not see that coming at all, truly can't wait to learn more about that and to see what happens as she and Angie meet after all those years. Very Happy
Brilliant Britney, just brilliant. clapping clapping clapping

Loved the insight into the girl's thinking and the back story of why Rayne wants Angie dead, boy talk about getting in trouble over a parents big mouth. laugh Love it.
Also loved how the sister warned Angie not to fall before she died, such a cool hint at her skills and it really added a tragic and ominous aspect to it all.

Really dying to read more, you've put so much awesomeness, mystery and great characters in this its enough to fill two great stories. Very Happy

Your guy
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PostPosted: Nov Wed 09, 2011 8:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Elsa stays close to the wall as she moves to the terminal where the woman waits with a fake smile. She slowly hands the lady the ticket she was given and the woman shakes her head.

“You take the ticket to that station ma’am, do you have a bag to check in?” The woman smiles again, obviously annoyed deep down.

“I have only flown once before, and there was no security…” Elsa says. “Bag?”

“Or a carry on? Do you have anything sweetie?” The girl now looks genuinely sorry for Elsa, who is still wearing the clothing returned to her from Blue Horizon which is in poor shape considering how much Rayne must have paid for it.

“I…I am going home actually, I don’t need clothing other than this.” Elsa says.

“Well, where is home, Germany?” The lady smiles.

“No! You have your accents mixed up, Romania.” Elsa narrows her eyes. “For working with so many cultures you have no sense of much of anything, and you ask far too many questions!” Elsa turns back and runs right into the man behind her in a suit. She looks up to apologize but he has her arm. She tries to pull away but his grip is firm and strong.

“Your drawing some unwanted attention.” The young man says in a hushed voice. Elsa again tries to separate herself from the young man, but he doesn’t let go.

“Let go of me whoever you are, I have been through a lot today…” Elsa snaps in her own whisper.

“Judging by the blood seeping through your shirt on your right arm?” the man asks leading her away from the curious attendant. “Or is that just the line you use before sinking your teeth into your next male victim.”

“Who are you!?” Elsa demands as the man looks beyond her.

“Not now Elsa, we have company.” The young man says with a worried look. “Just stick with me, I want to talk to you.”

“Most people who want to talk to me lately have been torturing me…” Elsa groans when she realizes she isn’t going to get away from this man. She follows his gaze to a lovely women who is staring right at them. She wears a grey top tucked into a short black skirt and wears high heels. Once she realizes that Elsa too is staring she starts towards them.

“Come on, follow me, we’ll try to blend in.” the man whispers.

“My arm…” Elsa gasps as he wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her close. “People will see the blood.” He pulls her closer and kisses her cheek and laughs.

“Oh Sandra, that’s ridiculous, we’ll make the flight don’t you worry.” He imitates Romanian well and Elsa laughs back but finds herself checking over her shoulder, the woman is closer. The young man jerks her sideways and they slide into a rather large storage room. The an tosses Elsa down onto a pile of electrical cords. She gasps and starts to get up but he pushes her down.

“What the hell is wrong with…” Elsa starts, but the girl has already entered with her silenced gun and fires a single shot right into Elsa’s head between her eyes. Elsa jerks and falls back across the cords and the man chops down the attacking woman’s arm. She gasps and the gun falls to the floor. He sends another hard punch into her guts brining a gasp from her. She grabs his arm however and jerks him against her trying to drive a hidden knife into his guts.

The man avoids the knife and grabs her wrist, battling her for possession of it. Once she realizes it’s a battle he will win she lets the knife fall and kicks him in the stomach. The young man gasps and grabs her next kick, grabbing her ankle and twisting her leg so that her heel flies off. The girl gasps and staggers back barely keeping her balance as the man shoves her leg back. Unbalanced, she quickly kicks off her other heel right at him, which he bats down.

“That girl is a murderer and is wanted for the deaths of countless Romanian and Estonian citizens.” the girl says. “Let me finish her.”

“I know what she is you Yellow Crescent agent,” The young man replies flashing a badge. “Jason Fleming, with Blue Horizon, and its my mission to make sure she gets back to Romania in one piece!” The girl laughs.

“Well Jason your off to a bad start, I just shot her in the head.” The girl replies. She flashes her own badge and rolls her eyes. “Miriam Winters.”

“Well Miriam, you can kill her when she gets back, but if you want to live I’d suggest you let me complete my mission first!” Jason glances back at Elsa who is sprawled over the cords. “And I know she is a vampire, and that that shot is only temporary.”

“Well, it will last long enough for me to dispatch both of you.” Miriam says with a smile. “A vampire and a rival in one mission, I’m feeling lucky.” Miriam pounces on Jason and knocks him back against the shelving. He grunts and she kicks him between his legs. Jason gasps and rams a shoulder into Miriam as he sinks down. Miriam staggers back and grabs the knife from the floor. Jason is still in terrible pain from the blow to his groin but he manages to stop her thrust.

Miriam gasps as Jason tries to turn the knife and rams another knee into his stomach. This gives her the leverage to ram the knife into his coat, on into his side. Jason gasps and punches Miriam in the face causing her to fall back tearing the knife out as she falls. Miriam only takes a moment to regain her sense before picking up a drill and ramming it into the side of Jason’s head. Jason grunts and she hits him again. Jason spins around and falls back, out cold.

Miriam kicks Jason back on his back and holds up the knife. Then her long necklace suddenly lurches backward pulling tightly against her slender neck. She swings the knife around and slams it into her attackers arm slicing it. The attacker jerks harder back on the necklace and Miriam drops her knife reaching up to her necklace.

“Shoot me in the head again why don’t you you worthless Catea!” Elsa spits in Miriam’s ear. Miriam gags and chokes as Elsa jerks her backward. Miriam rams herself back harder sending Elsa into another row of shelving. Elsa grunts but only tightens her grip on the necklace, lacing more of it around her hand and cutting off all of Miriam’s air supply. Miriam’s eyes widen and she trashes arching back and trying to pull forward and launch Elsa over her. Elsa holds firm and Miriam only goes to further strangle herself. Elsa jerks and Miriam’s tongue slides out as her thrashing slows and her accurate clawing at Elsa’s eyes and face turn to desperate reaching for any weapon she can find.

Elsa slowly lowers herself to her knees brinign the thrashing Miriam down with her so that the writhing Miriam’s head rests in her lap. Miriam kicks her feet, her toes curling as if reaching for a weapon as well. Elsa hears the pitiful gasping and gagging and can feel the drool that drips from Miriam’s open mouth now soaking her shirt. Elsa jerks harder making Miriam rise up and arch, her toes wiggling. Miriam gags and her eyes bug all the more as Elsa further twists the hemp necklace so that it bites into Miriam’s neck causing her face to further redden.

Miriam’s thrashing turns to twitches as her gasping slowly stops. Elsa jerks back and Miriam kicks her feet once, then another jerk brings no response. Elsa sighs and slowly reaches up wiping the blood from her cheek where Miriam’s fingernails cut into her. Elsa leaves the necklace tight around the now dead Miriam’s neck. She then slowly crawls over the girl and pulls down her skirt. Miriam wears lacey black panties and Elsa makes note of how lovely they are, she will need a pair, she then removes them as well tossing them aside.

Elsa sits on Miriam’s legs and continues to undress her. She slowly pulls off the top and then the matching black lacey bra and squeezes the girl’s large breasts, quite impressive. Elsa then leans down and sinks her teeth into the upper portion of Miriam’s left breast. Before she has a chance to suck out the tasty blood she is pulled off. Elsa starts to scream but Jason cups a hand over her mouth.

“Let me feed!” she gasps in a muffled voice and Jason shakes his head.

“Control yourself!” Jason says panting, still sore from his battle with the Yellow Crescent agent. “Your making me sick acting like that!” Elsa tries to elbow him and he grabs both her wrists and slams her against the wall pinning her there. “You can feed when you get home! Not in my presence!”

“I’m weak!” Elsa gasps her eyes slowly turning back from their redness. “We could have died!”

“Then die we shall, you will NOT feed until I’m flying home.” Jason sighs. “You looked like an innocent girl to me at that baggage terminal, now…just another monster.” Elsa looks into his eyes.

“I’m….I am not….” Elsa shoves him back. “Who are you anyway?” Jason straightens his coat and checks his wound.

“I’m Jason Fleming, your escort home.” Jason says. “Courtesy of your friends at Blue Horizon.” Elsa rolls her eyes.

“I should have known it was too good to be true being protected by some random gentleman at the airport…” Elsa shakes her head. “No matter, lets catch or flight and try not to draw any more unwanted eyes what say you American boy?”

“This is your pilot speaking, we will be landing within the hour, please prepare yourself. Return to your seats and fasten seatbelts.” Dawn opens her eyes and realizes she feels rested for the first time in weeks. She looks over to where Angelique sits, staring over at the bickering Britney and Talia.

“My stories bored you to sleep eh?” Angelique asks cocking an eyebrow.

“We’ll say that’s what it was.” Dawn replies. “So? When are you dropping off your little innocents so we can take down this Rayne?”

“Hotel tonight, we’ll leave them. I need to talk with Tali, and we all need to know exactly how this is going down before we get within ten miles of that palace.”

“Understood.” Dawn says softly. “So maybe I can still die a human, or at least….a hero...” Angelique brushes a hand against Dawn’s, nothing major or hardly even noticeable, but somehow it does calm Dawn’s nerves a little bit.

“You already are a hero Dawn, look at what you have done, compare it to my four hundred years, you have saved countless innocents, and just because your turned doesn’t mean any of that has stopped does it?” Angelique shakes her head.

“Sure, nothing has changed, my thirst for blood and my uncontrollable aggression to retrieve that blood doesn’t make me any worse.” Dawn sighs. “I’ve done horrible things I’ll never forgive myself for, and in my blood lust, who knows what other horrible things may come out of me.”

“Lets focus on getting to the hotel, then you can cry me a river Dawn.” Angelique says turning back to the window.

“I wasn’t…” Dawn feels herself tense up. “To the hotel we go then…”

Miranda waits for Marsha and Misha on the airstrip. With her are some of Blue Horizon’s best field operatives, two dozen, each of them, now armed with sun ammo are more than a match for a hundred vampires. Marsha smiles as Miranda, who has cut and colored her hair and now is dressed to kill, salutes and returns to her all business look.

“Ready to serve ma’am.” Miranda says confidently. Marsha looks back at her with a smile.

“at ease Miranda.” Marsha replies. “Prepare for the mission, we wait for that little b**** Elsa to show us in, or wait for our Romanian based agents to find the palace.” Marsha smiles. “Until then, lets enjoy our vocational retreat, the hot tub is my first stop!”

Miranda laughs and so does Misha. Then the well formed line of Blue Horizon agents break up and go about unloading gear and preparing for the trip over to the home they will use until word comes of the grand party they plan to crash. Misha grabs Marsha’s arm as they reach the small BMW Z4 awaiting them.

“No updates on your project girl, there were more bodies found around the airport, stuffed in lockers, under a desk, she may have been there when we arrived.” Misha looks grave.

“Don’t worry about her, we just left her thousands of miles away with the best of Blue Horizon here, worse case scenario she weeds out the incompetents back home.” Marsha smiles. “Looks like whoever bought our vehicles had taste.

“You don’t seem in the least bit worried about all this.” Misha replies getting in the passenger seat.

“Lets not let this small setback ruin our perfect day, lets get into some bikinis, get some wine in our bellies and live like there is no tomorrow.” Marsha revs the engine and gets a wheel as they head to the main road.

“There may not BE a tomorrow with THAT kind of attitude.” Misha says then decides a tub tub session sounds nice. “But I am glad I brought my bikini.”

Looking from her concealed position in the plane, the troubled girl shakes her head watching all the agents leaving, all seeming to be careless, not like the cautious girls she took out at the airport to get on the plane in the first place. Seeing a motorcycle excites her, a vehicle she somehow has an uncanny ability to operate.

“Getting to my new ride may be problematic…” She says aloud. “A few undesirable guards seem to have their eyes on my new bike.” Slowly she slides out from under her covers, and checking again to make sure that these two guards are all that remain at the airport, she slides out of the landing gear bay and onto the airstrip.

The guards really are lazy and confident, they idly chat about boys and don’t even notice the girl until she is right on top of them. When they see her they ready their weapons and she stops dead in her tracks.

“Why raise your guns?” The girl asks raising her hands. “I am just looking for a way to town.”

“Where did you come from!?” The tall blonde snaps cocking her gun. The girl shrugs.

“I was laying there dreaming about my sisters silly games and then here I was!” The girl says then gasps and falls back. “Oh my head!” The brunette guard leans forward to touch the strange girls arm and that’s when the sword flashes and slices across her neck. The brunette guard gags and chokes as blood sprays from her sliced open neck. She tries to stop the blood with her hands, but the jugular is sliced open and she is gone before she can even fall.

The blonde’s eyes widen and she fires, but not before the strange girl has cut the gun aside with her other sword and now rams the first sword through the blonde’s tight black body suit into her guts. The guard gasps and her eyes widen, then the girl slices the sword downward cutting the blonde guard open. As she frees the sword from deep in the girl’s guts, the blonde falls to her knee’s with her intestines spilling out of the perfect vertical cut through her abdomen.

The strange girl watches with curiosity, then jumps on the bike and fires it up. The blonde gags and her eyes roll as she falls back. The strange girl puts on the helmet and takes off, planning to tail the B?MW with the important looking girls and see if they lead her to her family, they have led her to Romania after all, perhaps they want to kill her father and mother and sister as well.
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PostPosted: Nov Thu 10, 2011 8:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow another winner Britney but then again when it comes to your writing the losers are about as common as beards on birds. laugh
Wonderful job, the writing was fast, exciting and so cool every step of the way. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping clapping

Really intrigued by this young Jason Fleming guy, like his style and role, wonder what his interaction with Elsa will be like and its fun to have a cool male presence in the story as well. Very Happy Love his last name too. Well chosen. ;)

Okay wow Miriam's unexpected appearance was a real winner, thanks so much for using Rosamund, loved it so much and her fight with Jason was so cool, so well staged and intense and realistic and then how she was strangled by her own necklace was just stunning and perfect, thanks so much for that, really loved it with a capital L. loveheart loveheart Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Oh yes
And the stripping and body handling afterwards was wonderful, the whole scene and her character was all so right and great, thanks again, just wow, you're the best. Very Happy loveheart loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping

The tender moment between Dawn and Angie was very touching as before, loved it and especially how you captured Dawn, am really so pleased about your handling of her, I can tell you understand her just right. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Oh wow Miranda is magnificent, thanks again so much for her and Marsha and Micha just keep getting more amazingly cool and fun, love their double act and how carefree Marsha is.
Loved the bikini banter. laugh :yay: Oh yes

Loved the girl's handling of those guards, she really is a fascinating character, an innocent wonderchild and a hardened ruthless killer at the same time. Love her and the guards died so nicely. Very Happy clapping clapping loveheart loveheart

I really can't wait for more, this is too good to be true. Very Happy

Your guy
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Rayne crosses her legs and looks over the invitations. She smiles and can see how well this is all going to play out, with so many humans completely unaware of what’s going on, they will see Angelique as an assassin trying to kill their savior; Rayne. To those who attend her parties, this will be an act of self defense and heroism.

“Nothing like having the masses on your side.” Mallory says as if reading her mind. “Angelique coming to kill the savior of the lower classes.”

“Well that is what I will be, I will provide the clothing, the food, all are invited save those who are well off, they will be the ones missing out on this party.” Rayne stands up and looks out her window into the starry night. “Tomorrow night will be a night to remember!”

“Rayne!” Lady Ylva has come up behind the two vampires ad looks grave. “A plane landed this morning early, a rather large group was the cargo, well armed and well, equipped.” Rayne is already laughing.

“Do you mean to tell me some humans want in on the fun?” Rayne asks.

“Blue Horizon consists of Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans.” Lady Ylva replies. “A few witches I know of are some of the best.”

“I will be invincible before they have a chance to do anything about it.” Rayne says confidently as Mallory comes to her side and squeezes her arm.

“Still better to be cautious.” Mallory reminds her. “Lets not become a fool here only hours before your greatest victory.”

“I’m not!” Rayne pulls her arm away. “Else informed me that Angelique wasn’t home, and we know that Angelique is in Romania by now, just waiting to attempt something at tomorrow nights ball, so all we do is wait, then we kill her.”

“You make is sound like its easy.” Lady Ylva says in an unconvinced tone.

“It will be! She is one vampire, wait, that is an overstatement, she is incomplete.” Rayne is gritting her teeth.

“Do you mean by the fact that she can take strolls in the sun and you cant she is somehow inferior to you?” Lady Ylva says.

“Shut your mouth or loose your tongue witch!” Rayne shouts.

“Rayne…she is right, we have more than enough reasons to be on guard tonight, with Blue Horizon and Angelique coming to tonight’s party, the least you can do is be smart.”

“I’m far older than either of you! I know things, have seen things you haven’t lived long enough o see! Don’t you EVER question my wisdom!” Rayne is seething. She glances at Ylva and Mallory and storms off slamming the door to her private room behind her. Lady Ylva waits and then looks over at Mallory.

“She will need to be protected, you should see to preparing the palace defenders.” Lady Ylva says.

“And you should be prepared to deal with Talia and any other dangerous persons coming along with our Angelique.” Mallory replies. “I’ll see to the vampires immediately.”

Jason Fleming looks down at the sleeping Elsa, she moans and her head has fallen into his lap. The wound on her arm has yet to heal and her head wound is still quite prominent. He brushes her hair in front of the wound on her head as the stewardess approaches.

“More coffee sir?” the young blonde asks. Jason waves her away and finds himself stroking Elsa’s hair. He pulls back quickly and checks his own bandage. The vampire did in fact save his life in the storage room, and soon he will be abandoning her to her own fate at the hands of whoever, or whatever awaits her at the airport. She stirs again and moans loudly. A tear rolls from her eye and she starts to speak in Romanian to herself.

“Elsa, wake up, we are landing soon.” Jason says. Elsa opens her eyes and quickly pulls away, unaware she was leaning against him in such a manner. Then she touches her arm.

“It still hurts and hasn’t healed…” Elsa says n a raspy voice. “I need blood Jason…”

“You can do as you please once we get your bags.” Jason replies.

“I don’t have bags Jason, I only have myself.” Elsa replies. “Anyssa is dead, she was all I brought with me to the States.”

“No change of clothing? Your shirt is torn and bloody, and after interrogation I’m sure you could use some undergarments.”

“Are you suggesting I urinated on myself?” Elsa asks cocking an eyebrow. “I’m young but not a weakling.” Elsa crosses her arms and looks away.

“I’m just surprised that’s all, that your own sisters would send you here so ill equipped.” Jason says. “I must say you have done well with what you were given, you are still alive.”

“Keep reminding me, its not like that’s new information Jason.” Elsa replies. The Plane lands and they both stand up. Elsa begins to walk and Jason grabs her arm. She nearly falls back on him and he steadies her.

“I leave you at the terminal, not before, those were my orders.” Jason nods. “Now lets go Elsa.”

The small car makes the ride uncomfortable. Talia, Britney, Dawn, and Angelique are practically on top of each other while Owen chats idly with the driver of the taxi. Dawn groans as Talia tries to shimmy her way forward from where she is nearly buried between Dawn and Britney.

“this is a thirty minute drive, not a lifetime, geez, be still wound you!” Dawn groans. “Look the sun will be up soon. Then you can be as far away from the rest of us as you please. Angelique shoots Dawn a glance as if to warn her about her words.

“Well, not me, I feel like bugging you now Talia.” Britney replies. “You’ve done that the whole plane ride!”

“Lets just play the quite game, that’s an idea ladies.” Owen suggests from the front seat.

“Or I could show you my boobies and make you a sinner preacher man.” Talia mocks. The car brings the group to a small villa in the downtown area of a small village. As they exit Talia gasps as if she was suffocating. Dawn moves to the wall where a sign announces the “Poor mans party.” the sign shows the image of well dressed nobles all pouting and a group of poorer looking individuals dancing around happily and sticking out their tongues at the nobles.

“Your friend Rayne.” Dawn asks. Angelique nods.

“Playing to the crowd as always, oh what a saint she is.” Angelique says as she unloads a few of her heavy bags.

“Compulsion, food bank, death, and an endless supply of vampires to be made.” Talia says using an almost serious voice for the first time. “And Lady Ylva is up there…”

“Lady who?” Britney asks looking at the sign as Owen unloads more bags.

“Ylva, she was my mentor, my master you could say.” Talia sighs. “I fled her and here I am coming back.”

“Here, make yourself useful.” Dawn hands Talia a large bag. “Don’t drop it, there may be something that could be devastating to little annoying witches in there.” Talia mumbles a mock and takes the bag and her own, much smaller bag and follows Owen up the stairs. Dawn carries a few bags and follows them. Britney stands staring at Angelique.

“Well, here I am, in Romania, with my vampire partner, and her friends.” Britney blinks. “I guess shock never hit me, it all seems….”

“Surreal.” Angelique says slinging a bag over her back.

“I was going to say something like that.” Britney says. “After all this is over what will you do Angie….I mean Angelique.”

“I don’t know Britney, but now that you know what I am, well, your welcome to kind of be my partner.” Angelique smiles and Britney takes a step back.

“You know I’m into men right?” Britney cocks an eyebrow.

“Not that kind of partner!” Angelique shakes her head. “You’re a smart girl Britney, and you could really help me go about my…I guess you’d day hunting?”

“A vampire vampire hunter?” Britney asks.

“No that’s Dawn, I prefer less killing, I look for information, keep tabs on people, kill if I must, prevent death is more of my business.”

“That’s why you chose to work with law enforcement.” Britney nods. “If its saving lives I would love to be a part of it.” Angelique nods and smiles.

“Thank you for not judging me Britney.” Angelique says.

“thank you for letting me help you Angelique.” Britney replies. The two women go inside.

Elsa walks into the terminal and realizes she is getting dizzy. She looks around and seems to be confused and dazed. She knows its because she hasn’t fed in so long, but now she almost feels too sick to even crave blood. Jason puts a comforting hand on her back and then it is gone.

“Good luck Elsa.” Jason whispers and starts to walk away.

“Wait…” Elsa takes a step after him and loses him in the crowds as she is pushed forward to the security terminal. The man looks her over and stares a considerable amount of time at her arm, where the blood has soaked her pink top.

“Passport.” He asks. Elsa reaches into her back pocket, nothing. She realizes she never had a purse or passport and remembers the security staff were compelled by Anyssa on arrival into the United States.

“I don’t believe I have one.” Elsa replies. “I actually….” She looks into the mans eyes. “I think your shift is over and my passport isn’t important.” the man stares back and blinks.

“Come on through…” He says and looks at his watch. “My shift is over.” Elsa smiles and walks into the open, Romania, she is home. She takes about ten steps before she is grabbed by her bad arm.

“Hey…what the hell is…” Elsa feels the bullet slam into her side smashing deep into her guts and kidney. “Huuuuuurrrrgghhhh!” Elsa doubles over and the woman who has met her drags her along quickly, avoiding the crowds. She tosses Elsa into a car and then slams the door. Elsa cups a shaking hand over her wound and realizes its bleeding badly.

“What’s wrong little vampy? Not so tough without your blood?” The young woman is lovely and looks more like a wild high school student than someone who would shoot you on site. Elsa gasps and tastes blood, more precious blood she cannot afford to loose. The driver of the car, another crazy looking girl pulls the car into a garage of some sorts. The first girl grabs Elsa by her arm and pulls her from the car and lets her fall to the cement floor of the car garage. The girl then moves to a chair and gets on her cell phone.


The second girl hops from the drivers seat and smiles at Elsa and squats in front of her, her eyes are wide and she looks like she is a little too excited.


“I’m Opal, I’m the last thing you will see alive Vampire.” The driver says. The other girl is playing with her hair as she talks.

“Yea, we got your vampire, we want our money.” The girl says. “She doesn’t die if you don’t bring us our money!” Opal giggles at the site of the other girl raising her voice.

“That’s Yvonne.” Opal says. “she is working out the details of your death vampire girlie.” Elsa coughs up blood and tries to get up, but she is too weak, if she could gather enough energy to lunge at this slut she would be okay, but she feels herself collapse and gives up. Yvonne slams the phone down and looks at Opal.

“Is she dead?” Yvonne asks looking at the motionless Elsa.

“Deprived of blood I guess, I thought we’d have to shoot her several times.” Opal replies. A buzzing comes from above and Yvonne gets up and walks towards the door.

“That was fast!” Yvonne says and opens the door. Two shots ring out and Yvonne gasps and clutches her belly staggering back. Opal grabs her pistol and sees the man in the suit level his own gun at her. She fires and ducks behind cover. The man moves past the still staggering Yvonne and fires twice more. The second bullet strikes Opal in the chest piercing her heart. Opal grunts and jerks then takes one step back and falls to the ground. She moans once and is still.

Jason lowers his gun and looks at the moaning Yvonne, blood gushes from the two low belly shots from close range. Her hands are shaking and the blood is seeping between her fingers. Jason quickly moves to Elsa and bites his own arm opening a small gash. He rolls her over and puts his arm to her mouth. Elsa groans and Jason forces his bleeding wrist to her mouth and Elsa clamps down with her teeth. She starts sucking immediately and Jason has to tear her away.

“I have you blood!” Jason says pulling Elsa to the moaning and writhing Yvonne who is now on her back. Blood gushes from her mouth and runs down her cheek. Her belly is gushing blood and Elsa crawls on top of her licking up the blood on Yvonne’s belly, then pulling up her shirt and finding one of the bullet holes. Jason groans and turns away quickly wrapping his own wound. Yvonne jerks and kicks as Elsa sucks the girls belly wound draining blood at an alarming rate.

Elsa pulls herself away coughing, her mouth covered in blood and her eyes blood red. Jason shields his eyes and points his gun as she walks towards him. Jason points for her head and shakes his own.

“Elsa don’t! I’ll shoot!” Jason shouts and her eyes slowly go back to normal.

“Jason!?” She gasps wiping her mouth. “I was, they….you saved me…”

“Just repaying the favor, now we are even.” Jason gasps back. “what about…” Jason motions with the gun to the still moaning Yvonne. She is sprawled out and clutching her belly still in a vain attempt to stop the flow of blood.

“You….who the….f***?” Yvonne gasps before choking on her own blood. Jason cautiously approaches her and she reaches out a hand. “Have some……mercy….call… ambulance for…me….uuuuugggghhhhh… belly……”

Yvonne arches again and moans, her legs shaking, then she is still, eyes slowly staring off into nothingness.

“What?” Elsa asks.

“Who were they?” Jason slowly stands back up from where he kneels over Yvonne. He slowly reaches into her bra and feels her small, yet perky breasts and then moves on. Finding nothing he checks her pockets in her far too tight pants. Nothing there either. Jason slowly tugs off Yvonne’s boots and finds nothing in the boots, but after removing her small sport socks, he finds a small card, just a business card to “Yvonne and Opal’s Service Station.”

“Elsa, anything?” Jason asks dropping the card on Yvonne’s body. Elsa is removing Opal’s boots and has already stripped the girl to nakedness.

“Nothing here.” Elsa staggers, still woozy from her lengthy time without blood and picks up Yvonne’s cell phone. She quickly redials the last number and waits.

“Yvonne, you will get your money when I send my two agents out there!” The voice is all too familiar. It is that of Rayne’s. Elsa drops the phone and screams. Jason runs to her side.

“What the hell is the matter!?” He asks.

“Rayne! My master, and my sisters!” Elsa gasps. “I am marked for death! What did I do!?” Elsa starts talking very fast in Romanian and Jason touches her arm and she flings herself on him. He holds her as she break down, muffled sobs coming from her.

The girl stares wide eyed at the painting. It bothers her greatly, the woman with red eyes and a man in the mirror who is not real. She blinks but continues to stare. The man behind the counter sees her gaze and rolls his eyes.

“It’s telling a story.” the man says. “Its going to be 12 euros for that gas.”

“What kind of story is so twisted and confused, this picture is as broken as my mind…” The girl replies. “I don’t have any Euros sir, would you like a pistol?” The girl holds out the pistol with regular ammunition and the mans hands go up.

“Take the money! Please, I have a wife and kids!” He opens the till and steps back. The girl smiles.

“I have a father! Maybe you know him!” She shakes her head. “Or maybe you know my mother or sister!”

“Please….I don’t want any trouble, take what you want.” The man is shaking his head and the girl frowns.

“I just wanted to talk family matters, no need to get all scared, do you want your pistol or not?” She extends the gun again to him and he waves her away.

“Please! The gas is on the house!” He gasps. The girl shakes her head.

“You are a strange man, this is a good weapon, its already killed several troublemakers.”
"Please!! Dont Shoot Me!!!" BANG... Ugh...
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PostPosted: Nov Thu 10, 2011 10:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow the twists and moments of suspense and awesomeness just keep flowing as rapidly as the blood. laugh clapping clapping clapping

Great chapter full of great character moments, hilarious humor and some very sexy moments. Very Happy clapping clapping :yay: :yay:

The girl just gets more and more delightful, her misguided attempt to buy gas with a gun was hilarious and yet so sincere and fitting for her, a gem of a scene. loveheart loveheart Oh yes

Rayne is an evergrowing awesome baddie and I loved how cocky she is as all good villains should be, nice touch to have her closest being the ignored voices of reason. laugh

Our heroes journey in the small car and the bickering was a delight and I so loved Angie offering Britney a place at her side, it was touching and funny when she misunderstood what partner means. laugh

Jason and Elsa make a great duo and I love how they are slowly growing closer, after all he need not have saved her but that he did says a lot. Very Happy
Rayne being behind the hit was a nice twist that creates yet more tension and opposites, this story has more angles than post modern building. laugh loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping

Wow the making Johann happy thing you've got going is in full swing, adding Megan and Keira in those looks in those roles, oh wow so wonderful, loved them and their deaths were so lovely and great and the body searching after was so awesome, thanks so much. loveheart loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping
Loved how Elsa sucked the blood from the wounds and how Jason revived her, classic. Very Happy

Opal's swift death was amazing as well, love those quick shocking ones. Very Happy

Thanks again, you are so great and kind and wow, what a writer. Very Happy loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping clapping

Your smiling guy
Jóhann Very Happy
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PostPosted: Nov Fri 11, 2011 12:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Elsa playing with the body of her first kill was hot. Liked her being so careful not to get burned only to get impaled out of nowhere, poor fledging.

Quite an intro for Talia, loved her annoying everyone and then Dawn choking her out after she took the picture. laugh

Liked the scene with the vamps planning the party and taking out Angie, interesting that Talia was involved with them in the past, and missing a spot, wonder if that was intentional.
All the little tibits about the plot and the prophecy, shaping up nicely.

Loved Taylor Cole as the Blue Horizon witch, and pretty cool that they could summon up a stake, pretty useful in a vampire hunt. Great kill, the little moment with Lightning touching her hand while asking why he was being hunted was a nice look at his character and the motivation of the hunters.

Felt sorry for Elsa, trapped, helpless, thirsty for blood, not a good spot. The hunters toying with her, wow, brutal and very hot with Marsha running the toothpick all over Elsa's body.
I thought she was a goner for sure, even after telling them everything, so that they let he walk was a bit suprising, wonder if they plan of following her back to Rayne and Mallory.

I was immediately looking forward to finding out out more about the project they were having problems with, hmm, a clone of a vampire?
Great use of the Kate Winslet pic for Peneople, gotta love a hot scientist showing off a nice bra. loveheart
Excellent scene with the girl running amok, ah, if only Penelope and the others watched more sci-fi and anime, they would have known these things always end up with the test subject messily killing half the lab. laugh
Great kills there, Doctor Walsh's being poisioned by her own syringe, the unforunate nurse shot in the breasts, very cool. Liked her casually killing the other scientist with the headshot.

Poor Amber. Liked the girl's moment with her, a bit conflicted, isn't she? Her rage at Penelope executing Amber, another great moment, excellent strangling, loved her death throes and the girl's ranting. Agree with Jóhann, her being frightened by the twich was great. Very Happy
Interesting that it was Summer Glau, her as another River type character fits very well.
I was sort of picturing one of the crazy young girl clone/hybrids that seem to be so popular in a lot of anime, they end up sympathic monsters a lot of times.

Liked seeing more Dawn angst, she had a good reason this time with the thought of losing human friends or lovers.

Damn, Marsha shooting the woman just for being the bearer of bad news, geez, she's turning out worse than some vamps. Great villian scene, loved her just talking on the phone while her victim died on the floor, very cold.

Dawn and Angie talking, another excellent scene building up the two characters, loved Dawn's weary attitude, the insights into Angie's past, and the further backstory of the whole thing.

Compelled victims as sparring practice, Rayne and Mallory just keep getting more twisted. Liked that Mallory didn't go easy on Rayne, and then removing the charm so the girl could suffer more, so twisted. Again, nice use of pics here. Loved Mallory saying that the game was over and that the girl lost, and the two vamps being so sweetheart-ish with the flirting and everything with the girl dying and another victim on the way, cruel.

Really looking forward to what the sister is going to do, all the memories and training implants, and the ranting, heh, you've got to have her say "Two by two, eyes of blue" at one point. Very Happy
Loved her thinking of vampires as tales but not being so sure anymore.

Elsa in the terminal, wow, just keep feeling more and more sorry for her, a vampire who can't even get around an airport. Goes to show not all vamps are the coolest of the cool, I guess. Very Happy
Liked her being annoyed at the confusion over accents, funny moment, and then her line about how most people who want to talk to her torture her.
And the indiginites for Elsa just keep coming. laugh

Great headshot of Elsa, shocking and abrupt, and nice fight between Jason and Miriam. Interesting that even the different vampire hunters are in competition. Excellent scene with Elsa killing Miriam with her own necklace, very hot, loved Elsa manuvering her around and twisting the necklace. Great use of Rosamund Pike's character.
Elsa stealing Miriam's panties and undressing and fondling her was so hot, damn, pulled off her breast, that's got to be the worst kind of block for a vampire. Very Happy
Another nice moment between characters, I imagine if this was a TV series viewers would start shipping Elsa and Jason right away. Very Happy

Looking forward to how Marsha and Misha are going to track down the others.

Cool scene with the sister killing the guards to get the motorcyle, the gutting of the blonde was nice and gory.

Like Rayne plotting to play off the hunt as an attempted assassination, have to like her style. And then she goes and does the "Soon I will be invicible!" bit, ah, do villians ever learn? Very Happy And following that with a "Greatest victory", oh geez, I'm betting she's a goner. laugh

Touching scene between Jason and Elsa.

The taxi cab scene, all those people crammed in a small car, bet that was a fun trip. : laugh Talia teasing Owen was funny.

Jason dumping Elsa at the airport when she was in desperate need of blood, at that point I was thinking "OK, maybe people shouldn't ship the two of them." Nice misdirection there. Very Happy
Oh man, she gets to use her vampire powers to get past the border agent and gets shot again right after, can't anything go right for this poor vamp? sad
Vampire kidnapping, that's a new racket, and not a safe one apparently. Jason saving the day was cool, liked the shooting of Yvonne and the heartshot of Opal, and how he didn't hesitate to risk his life to give Elsa blood.

Nice bodysearchs and stripping, and then Elsa finding out she was sold out by Rayne, you know, you could just change the name of the story to "The Unluckiest Vampire Ever" at this point. laugh Hope she at least gets a human boy toy out of of the process.

The last scene with the sister offering the pistol was a great piece of dark humour, can just see her being cheerful saying she has a family, and the bit about the gun being a good weapon was priceless.
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PostPosted: Nov Fri 11, 2011 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Only now managing to catch up reading here: and Brit, what amazing writing you are doing here - so much inventiveness and originality - I'm stunned! LOL! clapping :yay: 2kissing

Logo on my thong: Some women are born winners! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Nov Fri 11, 2011 3:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I'm sorry that it has been awhile since I have left you a comment.

To be honest I have not been able to read all of this, as I am not home a lot now, but I wanted you to know that your stories are a source of enjoyment for me, and take a lot of loneliness away when I'm home alone.

So tonight I will sit down and read where I left off, tomorrow and Sunday I will be gone again, but I have to return Monday, so I will catch up then, once agin I am sorry that it has taken me so long to comment.

Your friend and fan

Vern Very Happy
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Nov Sun 27, 2011 11:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Aren’t you afraid of the sun Angelique?” Talia asks as she follows Dawn and Angelique towards the waiting vehicle.

“More afraid of leading Owen and Britney to their deaths I believe.” Angelique replies. “We wont have any worries if we leave now.” Dawn nods in agreement at Angelique’s words, but as they round the corner they find the car is already running and occupied. Britney sits in the driver seat and Owen in the front passenger.

“Well, as you were saying we better hurry.” Britney says with a wink. “Don’t want you two vampires cooking now do we?”

“Don’t you realize both of you are in serious danger?” Dawn asks as she crosses her arms. “Get out of the car.”

“No.” Britney replies. “We might be weak innocents in your eyes, but I’m here just like the rest of you guys to make sure this Rayne woman doesn’t keep hurting people like my friend Angelique.”

“Britney, we don’t want you and Owen to get hurt.” Angelique says.

“Well then we best be going, its going to be a lot easier for me and Owen to die if Dawn burns up in the sunlight because we spent too much time talking about it.”

“Your not going to win,” Owen throws in with a smile. “SO hop in, we picked up a few extra ‘supplies’ we thought we could use, I have a preacher friend here.”

“Holy water preacher?” Talia asks rolling her eyes and hopping in the back seat.

“Holy water, a crossbow with scope, two rifles, a dozen holy water grenades, and a bible if you will read it Talia.” Owen smiles as Angelique and Dawn get in the car and Britney pulls onto the road.

“Keep trying preacher man…” Talia shakes her head. Britney hit’s the gas once they reach the highway and the car quickly speeds out of the small town and into the winding roads up towards the plateau on which Rayne’s bastion awaits them.

Elsa positions herself on the crotch rocket and smiles at Jason. He smiles back and shakes his head. For some reason Elsa feels herself completely trusting in the young man who only hours ago was ready to leave her to her fate. He crosses his arms.

“I don’t like it, but if you insist on getting there tonight instead of at the party tomorrow evening, go ahead.” Jason says.

“Worried about me?” Elsa asks cocking her head.

“Worried about calling in and telling my superiors I’m ‘going under cover’ with the enemy.” Jason shakes his head slightly.

“You think they will think you are actually helping me?” Elsa asks.

“Well yea, because I am, I’m helping you, but in turn getting a crack at your master, Blue Horizon will have to get over who I choose as allies, especially if I bring them Rayne’s stone cold heart.”

“Well, I should get going, beat the sun you know?” Elsa looks at Jason and dons the bike helmet. “Wish me luck, and see you tomorrow at the party?” Jason nods.

“Take care Elsa, in case you or I die in the next few hours, Its been nice knowing you.” Jason slightly brushes Elsa’s shoulder and feels his hand linger a moment. Only when the bike fires up does he removes his touch. Elsa speeds from the garage into the streets and off towards Rayne’s great castle.

Jason takes his phone and calls up his commander. The phone only rings once before it is answered. Jason hears giggling and splashing in the background and at first thinks he must have dialed the wrong number, then he hears is superiors familiar voice.

“Marsha here, Jason where the hell are you?” Marsha asks.

“Where are you? A beach party?” Jason replies.

“No, a hot tub party, beautiful chicks al around and you cant be here, so….where the hell are you?” Marsha repeats more sternly.

“Well I’m in a garage where I just killed two assassins sent to kill Elsa.” Jason says.

“Who is Elsa?” Marsha asks. “Hey! Watch it with the splashing!”

“The vampire I was sent to escort back.” Jason replies.

“Well? You protected her here? I told you she was fair game once off the plane.” Marsha says.

“Well, thanks to my thinking I’ve found out that Rayne wants her dead, so now she has become my unlikely ally, and I have a good chance to take down Rayne tomorrow.”

“That’s MY job!” Marsha shouts in protest. “We are going to eliminate her!”

“Well, what If I rammed a stake through her heart the old fashion way, instead of you guys coming in guns blazing killing half the innocents who get in the way.”

“Its more fun?” Marsha says. “Listen, do what you want pal, but we are going to be there in force, and if she is dead kudos to you, if not, I’m getting the job done my way.” Marsha hangs up and rolls her eyes. She looks at Misha and Miranda who are sharing the hot tub with her. All three girls are in red and black bikini’s.

“Well, one of us will be sending a letter to Mr. Fleming’s family, he thinks he is going to kill Rayne tomorrow.” The other two girls giggle, clearly slightly intoxicated. Marsha looks at her feet in the water and then looks up at Miranda. “We are going in through the old sewers from when the castle was new, in through a trapdoor, it will lead us up from under, not much resistance down there.”

“Okay, my Intel brought up the possibility of a few werewolves down there, Rayne has a prison for them.” Miranda replies. “That could be dangerous.

“Well we just better be careful and not let the damn things loose.” Misha adds and takes a sip of champagne.

“Autumn…there are people who want to kill you…you have been awake for a day or so and have already made many many enemies what do you plan to do about it?” Autumn asks herself as she speeds down the highway on the bike she took from Blue Horizon, she finally remembered her name.

“Well, I will find my family, father has many influential friends, then my mother could always take me and my sister back to the east while daddy takes care of it all.”

“Oh don’t be silly!” She continues. “Keep talking to yourself like that and somebody is going to think you are crazy!” Seeing the small dirt path rising steeply, Autumn hit’s the gas and speeds off the main road and up the hill. To her surprise it leads to a level and flat plain, huge and open, nothing but her, the bike, and dirt. In the distance the huge castle awaits her. She smiles and floors it. It is starting to lighten up behind her as the sun rises and she smiles, she likes the daylight much more than the night. As Autumn speeds along she soon finds she isn’t alone. Ahead of her is another bike, speeding rapidly towards the castle as well.

Autumn blinks her high beams and the bike moves to the side, the driver glancing back at her. Autumn smiles, her bike is much faster. She zooms up beside the other and sees it is another girl. She waves and finds the other is being very cautious. The other biker swerves away some and the two continue forward. Autumn pulls ahead of the other bike and gets in front of it watching curiously in the rear view mirror as the other bike picks up her draft. The other bike is slightly slower, but with the extra draft it stays right with her.

To Autumns surprise the other biker waves a thank you and they continue together. Autumn slows as they near the castle but the other bike zooms past and turns skidding as the first rays of sunlight pierce the darkness. The bike skids and the driver falls off and does a few flips before slamming into the side of the castle under the cover of shadows. Autumn is now very curious and puts a hand on her pistol as she stops her bike beside the wreckage and approaches the other biker.

“That was quite an error.” Autumn says as the other girl groans and paws at the ground with her hand. “What strange spirit came over you to make you commit to such an act?” the other biker pulls off her helmet revealing she is about the same age as Autumn.

“The sun…” The girl replies. “Without your tow I may have roasted…thank you.”

“Your welcome…” Autumn cocks her head. “You do not look albino, therefore the sun should not be a problem for you.” The other girl blinks and then realizes the girl she is talking to has no idea she is a vampire.

“I just prefer the shadows…” The biker extends her hand. “Elsa…” Autumn shakes it.

“Autumn…” Autumn giggles. “I just found that out today, and here I am, where my fractured mind has led me.” Elsa cocks an eyebrow.

“Fractured mind?” Elsa asks.

“I do not understand, I slept for so long and woke up and everything has changed, and my family, I cannot find them.” Autumn looks down. “I have begun to loose hope I fear they may not have followed me into this place…”

“But you just said you were being led here.” Elsa reminds Autumn.

“Yes, that is what whoever has awoken me has put in my mind, they have done so much to me I cannot piece it together.”

“Well, since neither of us are welcome yet, we should go down here.” Elsa quickly kicks the dust off a large panel cut out of the stone of the castle. “After you.” Elsa makes a motion and waits.

“You go first, I don’t like the dark.” Autumn replies. Elsa huffs.

“But you have the gun.” Elsa says. Autumn smiles and points it at Elsa.

“That’s right, so you go first or get shot!” Autumn giggles. “I’m just kidding, you seem nicer than the people I killed today.” Elsa quickly descends first.

“Oh sweet morsel of loveliness, do you fear me?” Rayne bats her eyes at the gasping girl before her. The girl is naked and shivering and she is sitting on Rayne’s bed. Her long blonde hair is in a pony tail and her make up is perfect, Mallory knows a lot about how to decorate a girl and make it look natural, but still bring out the best in the girls blue eyes. The girls head rapidly shakes up and down.

“Scared?” Rayne strokes her cheek. “Oh, but I have already fed today, fed on your friend remember?” The girls head shakes slowly and a tear rolls from her blinking eyes. Rayne leans forward and licks up the tears. “So I wont feed on you I promise okay?” the girl starts to whimper.

“Oh R….r….rayne…..” the girl whispers softly. “Please….let me go….I will tell everyone how amazing you are….and how merciful….” Rayne strokes the girls cheek nodding with her.

“Yes? You would do that for me?” Rayne’s eyes get big and she smiles. “SO if I free you you will say these things?” the girl nods quickly.

“I swear on my life…” the girl gasps. Rayne leans forward and smiles. “then go, go free, I’m no monster.” the girl is still shaking.

“Truly?” She asks slowly.

“Truly…” Rayne smiles and gets up grabbing a small pile of clothing. “Here, you can get dressed in the room across the hall.” the girl slowly takes her things and still tearing up slowly stands and walks into the next room. Once inside she quickly slips on her panties and looks for her bra. It seems to be missing.

“Looking for this lovely?” A low seductive voice asks. The girl jumps and suddenly feels something wrap around her slender neck. The girl tries to scream for Rayne but the hard jerk on the bra around her neck cuts her scream into a weak gasp and a choking sound. The girl behind her jerks her back against her as the girl’s fingers reach desperately for the bra around her throat. Mallory laughs as she tightens her grip giving it a hard jerk and pulling the little blond up on her tip toes. The girl gags and chokes as she dances on her tip toes, trying to stay on balance and trying to dig her fingers under the bra.

Mallory jerks again pulling the girl off her feet so that her toes wiggle in a vain attempt to reach the floor. The girls tongue thrusts out and she gags and gasps for breath. Mallory slowly lets her back on her feet, but the weakening state of the girl causes the girl to lean back against Mallory. Mallory slides down the wall letting the girl thrash her legs as they slowly fall to a sitting position, the girls head back against Mallory’s chest. The girl’s back arches and she gasps as her tongue flicks the air. This gets Mallory more turned on and she slowly reaches around with the hand not holding the bra and slips her finger into the girls panties.

Mallory moans as her fingers find the girls wet clit and she begins to wiggle them inside the girl. The girl gags and chokes and begins to wiggle as Mallory explores her sex. The girl’s toes curl and her hands fall from the bra and jerk some before finally going still at her sides. Now only the girl’s legs twitch. Her eyes flutter and she blinks as a small trickle of drool runs from the corner of her mouth dripping into her hair and down her shoulder. Mallory pulls her fingers from the girls panties and quickly tightness the bra. The girl kicks and twitches a few more times, then with a final gasp she is still. Mallory smiles and slowly loosens her grip on the bra. The girl flops some, but is gone. Mallory stands up and loosk at her victim just as Rayne opens the door with a gasp.

“I let her go!” Rayne protests.

“Well, I didn’t know about all that…” Mallory lies with a seductive voice.

“But…but…she was going to be good she said…” Rayne makes a pouty face.

“Well she is dead baby….I’ll make it up to you okay?” Rayne nods slowly and Mallory embraces her.
"Please!! Dont Shoot Me!!!" BANG... Ugh...
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PostPosted: Nov Mon 28, 2011 8:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A really terrific chapter that's as well written as always and allows each of the main characters their little moment to shine. Very Happy clapping clapping

Loved Britney and Owen defying Angie's plans to leave them behind and Talia's banter with Owen, I hope he never tries that with Dawn, he'd be libal to lose a limb I reckon. laugh

Love the growing connection between the nicely named Jason Fleming Very Happy and Elsa who's emerging as an unlikely favorite and her uniting with Autum is genuis and I loved their banter. Very Happy

Jason's phone call with Marsha was delightful, love how reckless and devil may care she is and them all sunning together was a nice image as well providing a great contrast with the vampires.
Love the sound of the werewolfs, promises to be very exciting and kick ass. Very Happy

Wow Rayne's moment with the lovely blonde was terrific and nicely erotically charged and dangerous, loved how she got intrigued by having her declare her merciful, interesting trade. laugh

Mallory is quite the naughty babe and I love that, the strangling of the girl was oh so hot and nice and beautifully written to the last detail, just loved it and Rayne's reaction and Mallory's indifference was just priceless. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping clapping

Can't wait for more, your biggest fan and nr 1 friend Jóhann Very Happy
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PostPosted: Nov Mon 28, 2011 9:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Another great chapter, in an ever growing line of great chapters. clapping clapping pop Oh yes

Thanks for posting this, I truly loved it.

Vern Very Happy
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PostPosted: Nov Mon 28, 2011 11:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Been a little behind here. Feel guilty about it. Wow, what an awesome bunch of kills.
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PostPosted: Nov Mon 28, 2011 11:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good banter before the gang headed out on their mission, liked Britney sticking by her friend, Dawn being stubborn, and the teasing between Owen and Talia. Very Happy

Loving the growing tension between Jason and Elsa, good work there. Yep, I think the guy has it bad, ah, vampire and vampire hunter romance, it's a beautiful thing. laugh
Planning a vampire raid in a hot tub and with champange, wow, the girls have style.

Very interesting with Autumn and Elsa running into each other, loved Autumn's line about somebody is going to think she's crazy.
Like Elsa using the draft to get ahead of the sun.
The part about who should go first was hysterical, especially Elsa being so quick to go after Autumn's line. laugh

Rayne taking pity on her victim, and then her getting it anyway, nice work there, very cool bra strangle. Nicely detailed and Mallory toying with her was hot and twisted, the way she manuvered her body so she was against her and getting so turned on, wow, nice, and then fingering her as she died, damn. loveheart
Loved the last pull on the bra to send her on her way.

Talk about twisted vampire foreplay! Very Happy

Great work, looking forward to the next chapter.
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Britney Girl

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PostPosted: Nov Wed 30, 2011 6:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“We have all day before the party, keep that in mind.” Elsa says as she glances back at her armed companion. Autumn is looking around at the ceiling of the huge underground areas of the castle. They walk along a long stone floor, with water running beside it, what used to be the sewer system is now some sort of hydro power generator.

“Party?” Autumn cocks her head. “I didn’t bring anything else to wear though.”

“I have an extra dress if you want me to…” Elsa starts but Autumn cuts her off.

“It wouldn’t fit me to my specifications, sorry…” Autumn replies. “I am not here to play around, I need to find my family.” Elsa rolls her eyes, realizing again she has shared extra information. The two girls walk silently along the stone pathway until it reaches a branching tunnel. Elsa motions Autumn to follow. “You know this strange place well, do you visit often?”

“I lived here Autumn…” Elsa says. “Why else would I have a dress upstairs…”

“Sneaking into your own abode?” Autumn huffs. “What are you some sort of sneak thief?”

“What does that even mean?” Elsa shakes her head rapidly.

“It means you sneak around in a strange underground area of a castle because you want to sneak in and steal something.” Autumn says. “You are a sneak thief…I can see it in the way you walk like a cat when I am just walking along normally.”

“I’m not stealing anything, I just want to find out why I was betrayed.” Elsa replies. “You should walk more carefully, a lot of people in here would kill us both without even asking.”

“Not if I killed them first.” Autumn says. Elsa leads Autumn down the tunnel until the room begins to open up into a large room ahead. Autumn can see bars and realizes it is a dungeon.

“This is your house?” Autumn cocks an eyebrow. “What kind of person are you? You keep prisoners?”

“This isn’t my house, I lived here.” Elsa replies. “I…honestly didn’t know this was here…Shhh!” Elsa crouches and Autumn follows suit. “Someone is in there.”

“Obviously, I can hear moaning from here too you know…” Autumn says in a whisper.

“No…I can sense….a guardian…” Elsa shakes her head slowly. “I’m not exactly sure how to approach this situation…” To Elsa’s horror Autumn is already walking into the opening. Elsa swears and follows her. A lovely blonde vampire lays lazily across a couch, a small area of the dungeon is well lit and furnished with the couch and a table, a wineglass filled with a dark red liquid sits on a table. Aside from the vampires little post, the dungeon is filthy. The blonde widens her eyes as Autumn levels the gun at her.

“Who are you!? This place is off limits to all but the family!” The vampire says as she sniffs the air. “Your not family…”

“I am…” Elsa says stepping forward. The blonde slowly relaxes and smiles.

“Well you should explain while your down here before I have to go to my table, pick up my cell and let Rayne know you are here.” the blonde smiles. “I’ve already been warned about you Elsa.”

“What?” Elsa looks at Autumn.

“Make a move to that table and you die.” Autumn says sternly. The vampire laughs.

“Oh…?” the vampires sweet laughter fills the air as Autumn slowly screws on a silencer to the pistol. “Going to pretend your shiny toy gun can hurt me?” The pop from the muffled shot causes both the blonde vampire and Elsa to jump with surprise. A sudden gasp brings the blonde to a sitting position and her hands press to her lower belly a few inches below where her navel would be through the black tight dress. Her eyes are wide as a hissing comes from her belly and blood begins to run between her trembling fingers.

“What the…..hell?!” she gasps leaning forward as Autumn slowly lowers the pistol and laughs herself imitating the blonde vampires high pitched laugh.

“Oh you know, shiny toy guns these days….god bless them.” Autumn says. The blonde vampire gasps and arches back letting out an orgasmic moan as blood begins to trickle from her lips. Elsa is already stepping back wishing she would have taken the pistol Jason offered her. The vampire guard slowly falls to her side her heeled feet pressing against the stone floor until her foot slides from one of her heels and she pulls her legs up on the couch.

“You….I’m….its not a….stake….” The blonde gasps as she runs her feet together and her hands press deeper in a vain attempt to staunch the floor of blood from her penetrated belly. Blood begins to trickle from under her short dress and stain the couch. Elsa is against the bars of one of the cell doors and just watches wide eyed. Autumn kneels beside the moaning blonde vampire.

“Well, that is just so foolish of me, putting a hole so low when I should have struck your head, I think you and I are about the same size, I could have made use of your dress.” Autumn says as the blonde moans and rolls to her back arching upward, a small amount of smoke rising from her belly wound. “Oh, the gun…its not a toy.” the blonde’s eyes widen and she lets out a final moan before collapsing and going still. Autumn quickly turns and aims her pistol at Elsa’s head.

“You better start explaining things to me right now!” Autumn demands. Elsa swallows hard.

“I’m…I was one of them….they betrayed me.” Elsa says slowly. “I want my revenge against their leader…” Autumn cocks her head.

“Who leads them? Why were you one of them?” Autumn asks looking confused.

“It wasn’t my choice, I was turned…brainwashed.” Elsa nods quickly. “Yes…sort of like you are! They tried to make me believe like they do…taught me to be…evil.” Suddenly a cord causes Elsa to choke and slam back against the bars as the prisoner within tightens the makeshift garrote around Elsa’s throat. Elsa gasps and quickly reaches up at the cord but finds even with her renewed vampire strength she cant force it out of the hands of her attacker.

Autumn shifts the gun to the girl now behind Elsa tightening the cord. The girl is short and petite, about Autumn’s size, her dark hair is pulled up and she is dressed formally, only now her formal dress is mostly gone to ruin. Her eyes are yellow and full of hate as she jerks back on the garrote. Elsa gags and chokes helplessly.

“Vvvvvvvampire….” The girl says with a slight smile. Her eyes fix on Autumn. “Can I kill her?”

“What are you?” Autumn asks as Elsa flails her arms, her eyes bugged and her tongue now sliding past her gasping lips.

“Wwwwwwhat?” the girl frowns as she continues to squeeze the cord around Elsa’s neck. “Not wwwwho?”

“Okay then strange woman, who are you?” Autumn asks her gun pointed at the girls forehead.

“I am called Fastred…” The girl says softly. “I am from Germany…and I want to go home…Is that good enough for you?”

“I’m Autumn…” Autumn says. “And you will unhand my companion.” Fastred pulls tighter on the cord making Elsa begin to slide down the bars her eyes bugging then slowly closing and repeating, as if she is barely keeping herself alive.

“I cant kill her like this you know.” Fastred says with a frown. “I need a sharp jagged piece of wood to ram through her about now.” Autumn walks forward and pushes the gun against Fastred’s head.

“Now!” Autumn says and Fastred removes the garrote. Elsa slides down the bars, dry heaving and gasping for breath. She falls forward against Autumns legs and Autumn slowly lowers her pistol. Fastred smiles and laughs.

“I love to see them suffer, nice shot by the way, how did you end her with a gun?” Fastred says.

“the same way I’ll end you if you don’t give me answers!” Autumn shouts. “Between you and Elsa my head could explode! I just want my family back!” Elsa rolls her eyes.

“How did you get that Blue Horizon gun!?” Elsa gasps hoarsely. “You really are playing on this sob story about your damn family…” Elsa goes into a coughing fit and Fastred raises an eyebrow.

“Blue Horizon?”

“I took it from my captors, those Blue Horizon are the ones who wakened me, then tried to kill me.” Autumn says. Fastred laughs.

“A werewolf, a vampire, and a deranged woman, with a common fear?” Fastred shakes her head. “Let me out.”

“Why?” Autumn asks.

“So I can help you kill Blue Horizon.” Fastred smiles. Elsa slowly stands to her feet and rolls her eyes.

“Forget Blue Horizon Fastred, how would you like to have a go with Rayne?” Elsa suggests.

“Okay I was wrong, a deranged woman and a completely screwed up vampire, you think I believe that?” Fastred shakes her head. “Forget it, my cell is quite comfy.” Elsa picks up the key from within the dead vampires bosom and walks to the cage, she unlocks it and opens the door.

“Your right, after today I am crazy…” Elsa turns her head and pulls up her shirt. “Okay Autumn, shoot me in the belly, or Fastred rip me open and poison me with your claws.” Autumn looks at Fastred and Fastred shrugs.

“You’re a stupid fool.” Fastred says. “But I like the idea of dumb vampires, what now?”

“Well, lets just stay here until the party?” Elsa suggests. “Or we could go to my room.”

“Oh! Your room! A slumber party is it! Can we play dress up?” Fastred mocks. “Typical European vampire.”

Angelique looks out at the castle from the cave. It has begun to rain again, but the rain isn’t enough o risk going out at this time of day. Behind her Dawn stares out at the massive castle. Britney and Talia are sharing a meal and Owen has his bible open and is reading.

“You think Rayne, with all that power would be smart enough to have all these caves monitored and guarded.” Dawn says. “My mission here was so easy, she is very lax.”

“She is arrogant, and feared by all.” Angelique replies leaning against the cave entrance. “That is perhaps her weakness, I’m curious though, what was your mission here?”

“What my mission always has been, saving someone from vampires.” Dawn replies brushing her hair behind her ear. “Well, a lot of people actually, you know there are dungeons under that castle.”

“I know, my father helped build that place.” Angelique chuckles. “If only he could see the way it is used now.”

“I keep forgetting you’re a million years old.” Dawn says rolling her eyes. “But no, it was a party, like this one, her reaching out to lowlifes. I went in, attended as a “lowlife” then I went down the dungeon and killed a few of Rayne’s little sluts and freed the whole lot of prisoners, then I was able to go back upstairs and be one of those shocked about the unfortunate cancellation of the party.”

“Shame you weren’t able to get to Rayne.” Angelique says.

“Oh, well tonight I’ll finish what I started.” Dawn looks back at Owen and Britney. “Unless our wannabe heroes need saving.”

“They aren’t wannabes.” Angelique says. “Britney is very capable and Owen, well I’ve worked with him for many years.”

“I don’t know them, but I know they are humans, and I protect humans, their lives come above Rayne’s death to me.” Dawn rolls her eyes. “I have the rest of my immortal life to kill her, I want to make sure that Britney and Owen and any other human in that place has a chance to live out their natural lives….naturally.”

“Your noble.” Angelique says softly. “I’m selfish, or have been, you’re a real hero, think of your vampirism as a blessing to continue…”

“A blessing?” Dawn looks down. “A curse to become what I protect against? A slap in the face Angelique, the only good vampire is a dead one.” Dawn walks back into the cave and Angelique looks back out at the castle. Three hundred years ago such a comment would have hurt her feelings, but people change with age.

“Okay Miranda, when your team hit the roof I want you to fan out and secure it and hold position until I contact you okay?” Marsha is all business, no sign of a hang over. All the girls surrounding the laptop screen are dressed in black cat suits, and most are armed to the teeth with submachine guns, grenades, and side arms. A few of the girls including Miranda are armed with swords and wooden tipped spears for traditional vampire kills. Miranda nods.

“Misha, your team is going to be the underground team, rising from below, meeting my team on the main floor and second floor. We will be the ones to actually assault Rayne’s quarters which we expect to be heavily guarded.” Misha nods.

“And you?” Misha asks.

“I’ll be taking a few selects and be attending the party, eventually peeling out and getting vantage points, learning the castle, and exploiting any weakness I can find in Rayne and the real problems Lady Ylva and Mallory.” Miranda is smiling again, proud to be a part of the team, and Misha now has a sense of happiness about her.

“Well this is it, in a few hours we will be doing Yellow Crescents job for them.” Marsha says. “SO lets rid the world of public enemy number one!”
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PostPosted: Nov Wed 30, 2011 8:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great chapter Britney, not that its a surprise, you seem incable of delivering anything less. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping clapping

Love the Elsa/Autum odd couple duo and with the delightful and inspired addition of the werewolf we got a loveable messed up trio and another brilliant brance of the plot to adore. Very Happy clapping clapping
Great casting idea on the werewolf, think I know where the idea came from. ;)
Can't wait to see what they get into. excited Very Happy

The blonde vampire was superhot, who is that by the way she looks so familiar and its driving me nuts trying to place her.
That black dress wow and she fits so well as a vampire. Very Happy

Her death was amazing and so nice and well written, loved the smoke rising from the wound and how her feet rubbed together.
Such a shame Autum didn't take her dress though. laugh

Loved the Dawn and Angie talk and the hint of Dawn's earlier mission was cool and fitting although when you take that and mix it with your plot on this story you've totally derailed my Dawn 2 idea. laugh I mean its like you read my mind. laugh
But no that's fine its so long away anyway and you're doing it so great I can't complain. Very Happy

Adored that last line about Angie growing with age, it was perfect. Very Happy clapping clapping

Wow the Blue horizon's three tierd plan is so cool and their attire so hot, this is too cool and exciting, I mean all these great characters all coming to ahead from all direction makes this the most exciting party of all time. Very Happy clapping clapping

I can't wait for more, your nr 1 friend and fan
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