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The Sex and Murder League

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Grace X

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PostPosted: Oct Sat 06, 2012 8:31 am    Post subject: The Sex and Murder League Reply with quote

Since we're posting some of the hot stories from the new Grace X Anthology, here is one co-written by me (along with my dear friend Othello -- thank you, love! You are just the consummate craftsman of death fetish writing.) that is also appearing in the book. And Chris B. is making this one into a movie, too! Soon to be seen from Chris' Corner as "Sex and Murder League 8". Hope you enjoy (I know I did!) -- and Eyes, a kiss and a wink for you, honey.

The Sex and Murder League
by Grace X and Othello

He threw me down on the bed, and before I could get to the knife I kept in a slim sheath against my thigh, he pinned my hand and shoved my face into the bedcovers. The bed had silk sheets—they actually felt pretty good against my cheek.
“Tough guy,” I goaded him. “And here I was expecting you to have a little style.”
He twisted my arm behind my back, lifted my dress, and snatched the knife from the top of my thigh high stockings. Turning me over, he brought the blade in a quick arc to a point right between my breasts.
“Don’t!” I cried, changing my mocking tone to a pleading one. He was enjoying his display of strength, which of course made him cocky and stupid. “We can make an alliance. I’ll set up other league queens for you…help you pick them off. Don’t you realize that’s why I came to you tonight? You’d be a perfect partner.”
Truth to tell, I’d come to f**k and kill him, or kill him first and f**k him after, to be properly precise.
I gave him a look of absolute earnest sincerity however, not even blinking as I admired the dagger charm on a cord around his neck. Duplicate to the one under my blouse, marking us as Knight and Queen of the Sex and Murder League.
He actually did turn out to have a little style. He flicked the point of the blade he’d taken from me against the buttons of my blouse, cutting them away with disdainful jabs. Then he used the knife point to pry open my top, displaying that sweet dagger pendant between my tits.
“Knight takes Queen,” he said.
“Look, I’m telling you, don’t be a dumbass,” I went on. “Kill me now and maybe you f**k me, get my money…but make an alliance with me and I’ll give you ten women, twenty…and we can split the profits and enjoy the victims together. I’m Dr. Grace Xaveria, and I’ve got connections that you wouldn’t believe.”
“I’ve heard of you,” he nodded. “Grace X.”
“That’s exactly right.” I softened my voice, smiling at him. Of course he thought he was playing with me. Knights were always like that, ever so ready to consider the match over. “Now stop screwing around and let’s talk business.”
It was never difficult to manipulate the egos of these boys, and I began to savor a picture in my mind of what he would soon look like lying there dead on this very bed, while I sucked his dead man’s cock and then rode his corpse to my orgasm. Because that’s precisely what was going to happen.
He yanked the front of my blouse with his free hand, popping the rest of the buttons. Primitive a**hole, after all. He moved the knife upward to lay the edge against my throat. I have to say, the touch of steel against my skin sent a hot flash right to my pussy. God, I loved this.
“Don’t, don’t!” Even I half believed the terror in my voice. “I’ll do anything you want…I’ll give you the f**k of your life. Take my medallion right now, I’ll even help you use it to empty my bank account. Please, let me live.”
He grabbed hold of my hair and hauled me to the foot of the bed. I half tumbled off, his hand still tangled in my hair, and he shoved me down on my knees in front of him.
“Dr. Grace X.,” he sneered. “So well connected, rich as hell…and so sexy when you plead.”
Holding the knife poised by the side of my neck, he released my hair and undid the clasp of his pants.
I ran my tongue lightly across the vivid red lipstick adorning my mouth. Time for this idiot to get what was coming to him.
“Make me feel good enough and I’ll consider it, Dr. Xaveria.” He angled his gaze down toward the growing bulge in the front of his pants.
“You won’t regret it,” I breathed, putting immense relief into the statement, even though I was perfectly aware that he intended to stick that blade in my neck as soon as I finished blowing him. “Together we can have it all, honey.”
Yes indeed.
So, enough talk. I unzipped him, nudged down his pants and boxers, freeing his hard cock to stand out straight toward my face. How delicious the thought was that in a few seconds this farce of a death match would be all over for him, and he didn’t even have a clue.
I opened my red, red lips and held my beckoning mouth in front of him for a wonderful lingering moment. Then I extended my tongue, touched his crown with its tip, and ever so slowly eased my head forward, closing my lips around his shaft.
That’s it, sucker.
A tremor ran through him, which under the circumstances might be understandable—a woman’s velvet lips gliding down his cock. But that tiny tremor was followed by a sudden rigidity. Ah, Lord. How I adored this moment. As I knew so very well, from this instant on more than his hard cock would be subject to that glorious rigidity.
I backed up off his cock, leaving very sexy-looking smudges of red lipstick on his shaft. He didn’t move, didn’t speak.
I rocked back a bit and looked up at his face, which was wide-eyed with astonishment. Yes, amazing isn’t it honey? Works fast as lightning.
“Having a hard time moving, baby?” I gave him my best killer smile. “You really should have more respect for doctors. Biochemists, anyway.”
Damn straight. When I worked with the drug cartel in Columbia and Mexico, and I hit on the compound combining cocaine and curare, I knew I’d have the whole f***ing world at my feet. The perfect balance between an immobilizing muscle toxin and the kick of coca. Taken in tiny amounts it would make you feel like a god or goddess for a few hours, while completely stilling all muscular movement, and along with it all bodily discomfort. The cartels, I conservatively estimated, had made billions from my formula. And of course my cut made me richer than damn King Midas.
When I perfected the even more potent compound I mixed now with my lipstick, well…what a rush, to suddenly become the world’s deadliest assassin.
“Queen takes Knight,” I grinned. I stood and gave him a ravishing kiss on the lips, dosing him even more completely. Of course the second application wasn’t necessary to incapacitate him—the bloodstream osmosis of the toxin through the skin of an engorged cock would be enough to freeze a three hundred pound body builder. But it was fun to rub it in. I’d built up my own resistance to the compound with measured step-doses over the course of months, which had made me ever-so-delightfully immune. At least to the curare. One could never become immune to the pleasures of cocaine.
I took hold of his knife-hand. He was still pliable—but when I moved the hand so that the knife point was aimed right between my breasts, it stayed there, perfectly frozen in place.
“Aw, wouldn’t you just love to push that little old knife just a few inches forward and skewer me, honey? Watch my mouth open from the pain and my eyes go wide with the knowledge that you’d done me, and you could follow up by f***ing my hot corpse? Mmm, that would have been purely transcendent for you, wouldn’t it?” I cupped my breasts in my palms, squeezing them, taunting him. “What a pity. You just can’t budge.”
His brain still worked, I knew. Jazzed from the coca in the mix…even hyper-aware. It made the look of shock and terror in his eyes just that much more satisfying.
“It won’t kill you.” I loved to dangle that tiny little glimmer of futile hope. “In fact in a couple of hours it will wear off. Maybe if having you pleases me enough honey, I’ll reconsider that alliance thing.”
Like hell.
I maneuvered around behind my fine frozen Knight and gave him a shove in the back, which toppled him right over face first onto the bed. Ah, stiff as a board. Of course face down he would be of very little use to me, but it was amusing to see him with a faceful of his own silk sheets while I peeled off my clothing. My long black hair had been done in a nice French braid, but I shook that out to let my mane down around my shoulders, feeling just enough of the coke thrill from my own lipstick to be wild.
I knelt on the bed and flipped him over, that still-hard cock towering straight up. I left the knife fisted in his hand—as good a place as any to store it until later.
Oh, that look in his eyes. I just rightly love seeing that awareness of being completely f**ked, helpless beyond escape. Made me wet just to consider it.
I straddled him and brought my pussy down on that stiff pole of his, f***ing him with a smile of utter contentment. Slick as I was, I took him to the hilt, and rode him with that perfect sense of accomplished satisfaction that came from turning a stone killer into my personal sex toy.
Soon to be dead sex toy.
Every last Knight I’d targeted ended up just the same.
“So…” my voice had a gasp in it, because sweet Jesus this was so hot I was going to come quick, “…about that alliance…”
I snatched my knife out of his tight fingers, and then he was the one getting it placed against his throat. “Maybe I’ll keep you if you talk to me ever so sweetly. Tell me that Dr. Grace Xaveria is the deadliest Queen the Sex and Murder League has ever known, and that you worship me from my black crown right down to my curling toes.”
I fancied I could even see him trying to work his tongue to say it. But no…frozen tongues tell no lies.
My orgasm hit like a fiery spike in my pussy, radiating outward to fill me with the most intense pleasure. As I screamed with it I flashed my blade across his throat, feeling the warm splash of blood on the back of my other hand, as I gripped the cord holding his own dagger-shaped medallion and yanked it away from his neck.
Queen takes f***ing Knight.

As I drove away afterward, the dead Knight’s medallion dangling from my rearview mirror to tease and please my gaze, I pictured quite pleasantly all the medallions that had preceded it.
The Sex and Murder League. What a kick.
After I’d made so much money through the drug cartels that I could essentially do anything I wanted with my life, I more or less did the world for a few years—globetrotting, paying for men to squire me around, dabbling in a few petty criminal ventures of my own. But it was all so f***ing boring. The killer roller coaster of life and death adrenaline from the drug trade had infected me, I guess. I needed to be on the edge, feel the sexual rush of danger, and the high of coming out on top.
That was when Ricardo, my old lover and partner from the early days running drugs in Columbia, had tipped me to the Sex and Murder League. Apparently it had been around for centuries, known once as the hashashin—which, Ricardo had told me with a smile, was where the word “assassin” came from. Men and women trained as exquisitely skilled murderers, with their killing fever stoked high by an addiction to sex and death. The greatest high of all being the act of assassinating an opponent while f***ing them.
A hell on earth of elite sex and violence. Sounded like heaven to me.
The modern League was more like a hot secret society of death. You had to be filthy rich to join, and the first thing you did was turn all your money over to the criminal underground bank run by the League, with access to your account coded into the dagger medallion worn by every member. The women were called Queens, and the men Knights—chess allusions that were more than a cute code. Queens and Knights screwed and murdered one another all over the world in the greatest clandestine game of death imaginable. When you killed an opponent and took his or her medallion, the account linked to them became yours. In the course of my few years in the League, I had multiplied my fortune many times over.
Ricardo and I had joined the League together, but I’d never crossed paths with my old lover since. Dead by now maybe…strangled, stabbed or shot by some fierce Queen of Murder.
I drove on, watching the medallion on the rearview mirror swing back and forth, back and forth, a metronome mocking the stilled heartbeat of the dead Knight with a frozen hard-on and a cut throat, back sprawled on his silk sheets. Grace X and her kiss of death. Damn, I just loved being a legend.

I thought about Ricardo a lot, truth to tell. I guess it’s true what they said about never really getting your earliest lovers out from under your skin. I fantasized about killing him sometimes, how fun and sad it would be all at once…an almost irresistible temptation. But I never took it beyond fantasy, killing one deadly stranger after another instead. So it came as quite a surprise to me when the night came that Ricardo tracked me down.
I’d done my latest Knight about a week before, giving him the death kiss in his seaside mansion in Baja California, and since I’d been able to dump his body conveniently in the ocean and hadn’t had to make a hasty getaway, I’d lingered there. I’d been born in Mexico, so every time I ended up there I liked to take my time, reliving old memories.
My victim’s mansion fronted a nice private beach, so I’d been treating myself to sunset swims. The feel of the warm Pacific water always turned me on, so by the time I came in, with a fat orange sun sinking below the horizon, I was horny as hell. I took the edge off myself, pleasuring my hot pussy in the shower after pouring myself a glass of my dead host’s excellent wine, putting down half of it in a single swallow before stepping into the gloriously steaming stream from the shower head. When I was just about to come, I slipped my dagger medallion off from around my neck and used it to tease my skin, flicking it against my nipples, playfully poking it into my belly button, then running the edge along the lips of my pussy and bringing it to my tongue so I could taste my own juices. Finally I put it back on and twisted it semi-tight around my own neck, giving myself a mild hypoxia high. When stars began to flash behind my eyes from the erotic strangle, my orgasm ripped through me like exquisite knife blades.
Ah, Jesus. If only I had someone near at hand to kill, things would have been just perfect.
Looking through the steamy plastic of the shower curtain, I thought my killing fantasy must be playing tricks with my eyes—it seemed as if there was motion out there…a blur by the bathroom door. But when I pulled back the curtain to step out, there was nothing. I shrugged it off, and went to the bathroom sink, where I’d left my beach things, and my glass of wine.
That’s when my cell phone rang. Despite my secret killer life, plenty of people had my phone number, and it was as easy to find as looking it up. I hadn’t been kidding the dead Knight-before-last, when I’d told him I had contacts everywhere.
But when I answered, and that voice—Ricardo’s voice—came on the line, I felt a trembling thrill of excitement unlike any I’d had in years.
“Hello querida.” I could all but see his wicked grin as he spoke.
“Ricardo honey! Why I can scarcely believe it. Still alive, I see.”
“That I am,” he answered. “As are you, darling Grace. And as beautiful as ever.”
“And just how are you coming to that judgment, hon?”
“Because I’ve seen you.”
Mmm, Ricardo, Ricardo. Back in the old days they used to call him Ojos, “Eyes”, because nothing escaped his gaze, as many who tried to double-cross him learned to their misfortune.
“Still playing with your old nickname?” I teased. “Or are you serious?”
“Oh, quite serious. I’m here in Baja. I came to conduct some business with Don Esteban Moreno, also known as the Knight you’ve just killed. Imagine my surprise when I drove up to his mansion and glimpsed you through the French doors of his veranda.”
“Well, I’ll be damned. And you didn’t even stop to see me? What a reunion we would have had, honey.”
“I considered it,” he chuckled. “You still set my blood to burning, querida. But I’ve heard of your success as a Queen of the League. The most deadly ever, the tale goes. Poor Don Esteban.”
“Sorry for offing your friend.” Of course I wasn’t the least bit sorry at all. “I had no idea.”
“Oh, he wasn’t a friend. Just a possible business associate. But nothing compared to the business you and I might conduct, Grace. Since the moment I saw you again, I’ve had my thoughts on an alliance.”
Alliance. Did every member of the League lean on that bulls**t gambit? Ha.
“Oh honey,” I enthused, “what a divine idea.”
“Shall I come to see you tonight? After my glimpse of you I came back to town, but it’s only about an hour away.”
“Yes darling, please come! An alliance with you, what a dream. I’ll tell you straight, I’ve been wet since the first second I heard your voice on the phone.”
He laughed lightly again. “You never change, Grace. The fiercest queen of passion. Then I’ll see you in an hour, querida.”
I closed the cell phone and smiled at myself in the bathroom mirror. Yes, queen of passion. But ever so much more than that. Queen of death.
For a moment, just a moment, I thought about actually letting Ricardo leave here alive tonight. We were the best of friends—we had survived and thrived together through drug wars, cartel rivalries, purges, and military uprisings—we’d been lovers who’d know the kind of intimacy that only men and women who have lived on the razor’s edge could know.
But f**k…the thought of Ricardo, my Ojos, frozen in my kiss of death…the thought of sexually possessing his perfect corpse…Jesus, it was too much to resist.
I looked at my own body in the mirror—my lush curves, my smoothly muscled arms and legs, my black hair, dark eyes and hungry, sensual mouth. Not just queen of death. Goddess of death. I was made for this. Ah God, this was going to be the best night of my life.
I fingered the glass of wine I’d left still half-full on the sink-top. Before Ricardo arrived I would go down to the mansion’s wine cellar and find the richest, rarest bottle there to drink with my Ojos. We’d laugh and talk about alliances and how rich we’d be, and all the unbelievably murderous fun we’d share.
I took my poison lipstick out of my beach bag and applied a potent coating to my lips with a flourish. When would I give him the kiss? And where? On his lips? His cock? Ah, how well I remembered that long, hard cock, and how he wielded it like the splendid, sophisticated animal that he was. My pussy was soaking from just thinking of it.
I picked up the wine glass and took a luxurious swallow, my head full of memories and expectations of Ricardo sticking that glorious cock into my eager mouth.
But then to my horror, when I tried to put the glass down, I couldn’t move. I attempted to frame my mouth and tongue to curse aloud, but my lips remained slightly parted and unmoving. With a surge of panic I tried to move any part of my body, and failed.
The bathroom door came open then, and in walked Ricardo, smiling.
“Buenas noches nos de' Dios, Grace,” he grinned. “As you can see, I’m not really an hour away in town. I was outside the door for our whole conversation.”
The bastard! I remembered then the flash of movement I had seen through the steam-coated shower curtain. He’d been there! My drink…he must have put…
Ricardo reached and gently plucked the wine glass from my hand.
“Your old formula, Grace. I know how to mix it myself, of course.”
Damn, damn, damn…my old formula? That was a cruder compound than the one I used now, with a heavier concentration of curare and a different chemical balance than the one I had spent so long building up an immunity to. I could feel the rush of cocaine in it too, surging in my blood. My immunity wouldn’t work against this. Damn!
“Grace…” Ricardo reached out again, this time to cup my breasts in his hands. I could still feel. If anything the mixture heightened my awareness of touch, firing up every nerve, even though I couldn’t move a muscle. “Grace, as I told you, you are more beautiful than ever. Killing you is going to be sad, but perfectly exquisite.”
Yes, yes, hadn’t I been thinking the same thing? My mind raced for some way out of this. The old compound he’d nailed me with in my drink was strong, but even though it had overwhelmed my immunity, my body would still be resistant. In my biochemist’s mind all the factors clicked and calculated—certainly I wouldn’t be frozen for the expected span of hours. Possibly my muscles might begin to recover in minutes. And before he’d disabled me, I’d put on my own lipstick…
He’d play with me. Of course he would, who could resist? In the old days I hadn't begun to use the lipstick gambit...I'd only used the compound with needles or spiked in drinks, as he'd done to me. If only Ojos, the man who saw everything, didn’t know just how deadly playing with my lips could be!
He continued to caress me, moving his hands from my breasts down across my stomach, then he knelt in front of me, leaning in to flick out his tongue against my labia. Christ, what a jolt of pure sexual pleasure raced through me. Come on, Ricardo, a kiss. One perfect kiss.
He rose and pressed down on my shoulder with one hand, while reaching down to bend my legs at the knees with the other. I didn’t sink down toward the floor, he had to continue to apply pressure to my shoulder to push me there, until I was the one kneeling in front of him. With both hands on the sides of my head he tilted me to a precise angle, aligned with his crotch.
Yes! He was going to do it, lose it all like every Knight did…even Ricardo couldn’t see everything, didn’t know it all. As I watched with my unblinking eyes, he undid his belt and lowered his pants. That cock, so perfect, just as I remembered it. I ached for him to put it between my lips, and then he would freeze solid too. What a perfect pair we would be! Both frozen in that intimate posture, facing one another with our hearts pounding, waiting for the moment when one of us would regain the ability to move. And of course it would be me. I couldn’t be more than a handful of those wild heartbeats from coming out of it, and Ricardo, as soon as his cock passed my lips, would be frozen for ever so much longer.
Then he reached into the pocket of his jacket, and took out a large, clear plastic bag. Favoring me with his damn smug smile, he opened it and dropped it over my head.
Oh, f**k.
“A little caution around your lovely red lips, Grace,” he said.
With that, he thrust his cock forward right against the surface of the bag, pushing the plastic into my mouth along with his whole erect length. Protected from the toxin by the barrier of plastic, he stroked in and out, holding my head in place with both hands.
“Your mouth is beyond perfection, querida.”
Down went his hands from the side of my head, until they went around my neck. For a moment he toyed with the chain of my dagger medallion there. Then he used his hands to close the opening of the bag tight around my throat.
God oh God, this was the end! I couldn’t believe it. I was going to die, being bagged…fellating my Ojos. The auto-erotic pleasure I’d given myself in the shower was nothing compared to what lanced into me now…between the cocaine and the asphyxia, and the presence of Ricardo’s cock still gliding in and out of my now-harmless mouth, I felt an orgasm intense beyond enduring tear a jagged path through me…Jesus, death was the wildest high of all.
As it all started to go dark, I imagined my beloved Ojos f***ing my corpse all through the night, taking the goddess of death, possessing at last the most murderous Queen of the Sex and Murder League.
The fire of my last orgasm ebbed, and I looked, unblinking, into his eyes.

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PostPosted: Oct Sat 06, 2012 9:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Grace and Othello

Wow! My friends, this story is fantastic, a purely professional story, it flows so evenly, that I don’t know who wrote what, Grace please never tell me that you can not write, I know better, and this story just proves it.

Needless to say I can see why this was put into film, you two need to write more for our community, but thank you very much for this one!

Vern Very Happy
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Grace X

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PostPosted: Oct Sat 06, 2012 9:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Vern honey!

This was totally fun to do. It came about as Chris apparently did a photoshoot with his new model Salang modeling with guns and wearing one of the Sex and Murder League dagger medallions, and this put him in mind to at long last make a new installment for the series. He went to Othello to confer about a script...and the first thing that Othello did (since he knows this is my favorite death fetish film series), was come to me and ask if I might like to be the star.

Would I ever!! At long last, a Queen of the Sex and Murder League?? Sign me up!

And then the plot thickens further...Eyes and I have been enjoying some hot fantasy talk lately, and I thought what fun to have Eyes become the Knight of the Sex and Murder League who does me in! So I took his name "Ricardo" from the El Jefe roleplay that you, me, KGK and Eyes are doing, gave him his Ojos spanish nickname, and his penchant for freeze scenarios, and voila! A new Sex and Murder League film was born! I sent some ideas for the action (the poison lipstick and the bagging solution to get around it were my idea) and some dialogue for me to say along to Othello, and he hammered out the script. He and I followed it up by co-writing this story to include in the new Grace X Anthology. All the credit for smoothing out our diverse writing styles goes to him, much as I would love to have that kind of talent. He is really something. Just as KGK held my hand when we wrote "Day of the Dead" together, and Farside did when we did "It Began and Ended in Newark", and you and I are doing with our "Portrait of Grace", Vern honey, I become something of a Chameleon (wink) in these co-writing efforts, using my long years of roleplay to do my best to fit my style into each of these stories, while mimicking the writer I work with. Quite an experience, each and every time!

So many in our little community have pitched in on this one! Chris B. and Salang, Othello, Eyes, and of course all the previous writers who have crafted the tales of the Sex and Murder League. What a rush!
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PostPosted: Oct Sat 06, 2012 2:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I wanted to say that this is a very fine short story in my view.

A short story style with a fine mixture of inner monologue and dialogue in a classic way. Nice buildup and a (forseeable but neverless interesting) twist - again, nearly classic short-story by the book, I believe.

Fine writing with skilled descriptions, a sexy theme and with sensible emotions.

For me this is nearly professional writing and I have to admire you for that - thank you for posting.

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Grace X

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PostPosted: Oct Sat 06, 2012 3:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wolfmi, thank you! That is so wonderful to hear.

I have to credit my co-writer Othello for the professional quality. He is an actual novelist in the real world, with something incredible like 20 books published...I am always in a kind of awe when he does projects with me, as my own style, though enthusiastic, is kinda scattered and rambling. He just pulls it all together into concise writing, with all the sophisticated techniques you mention.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! It was such fun to do. And I'm so proud it is going to be in the new paperback anthology, as well as becoming a film by Chris' Corner! I'll tell the world, I'm one fortunate gal, and am so grateful to the amazing folks in our community who play with me and support me in our fantasy dreams.

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Moon Shiner

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PostPosted: Oct Sun 07, 2012 2:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In a word,


I can already see this in film form.

that fits so well.

Well done!
Live long and prosper
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Grace X

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PostPosted: Oct Sun 07, 2012 8:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you, dear KGK! So many great stories from the upcoming anthology paperback are appearing now on the board...quite an exciting sneak preview! Fleming and Mike just posted theirs last week, and Khalid's should pop up any minute now! And of course everyone was amazed at Killmaster's epic noir tale "My Gun is Quick" (which he renamed "My Gun is Deadly" for the book), which ran as a serial here for weeks. Vern's great "The Jackals" is here too, and Stormcaster's super-hot "Jewel Thief".

They are all wonderful. And I have a special love for those that allow me to collaborate with my beloved writer friends...this "Sex and Murder League" tale with Othello, another one with him simply called "Sin"...the upcoming woman pirate death fight with Jessika...and of course our own "The Black Hand", dear KGK. What a book this is going to be!

And of course I am super excited that Chris B. is going to make this into a film, "Sex and Murder League 8". You and I will be side by side in the lineup of the series, KGK, as you wrote SAML7!!

XOX always,
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PostPosted: Oct Sun 07, 2012 7:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

a {frozen} creamsickle could not b sweeter (or hotter) than u my dear nor could a cocaine and curare mix (luv this) b as deadly. what can i say that wood not b construed as so utterly biased with respect 2 this SAML rendition, truly the best of the series.

what a great, great read. i am truly blushing 2 have my avatar but yet so much of me in this tale and soon-2-b vid. outrageously hot, sensuous, pure ecstasy 2 a freeze (and bagging) fanatic. i truly believe this will propel new found eroticism 4 freeze that i have known 4 so long.

and yes, i cannot forget Othello. u and Chris r very accurate, he is truly amazing.

i shant 4get this anytime soon my luvly. what thoughts i now conjure up as can only be seen thru my eyes.

i am always watching
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PostPosted: Oct Sun 07, 2012 7:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mmmm, a great compliment to a great series!
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Grace X

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PostPosted: Oct Mon 08, 2012 2:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ojos love, I'm so glad the tale pleases you! I wanted to give a special gift 2 u, 'cause you are an awesome friend. (and the fact that I got completely turned on by the story scenario is purely beside the point, lol). I just loved loved loved casting you in the story as my beloved nemesis.

Ooh and I love creamsickles (I wonder how they would taste laced with cocaine and curare...)

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Grace X

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PostPosted: Oct Mon 08, 2012 2:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you, Mike! It is my favorite fetish film series, and to actually design and appear in one is a dream come true, to be sure.
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I like it because the girls, besides being gorgeous, are not passive. Things don't happen to them, they help to instigate things happening. I like that. Then you add in the girls that have been involved, and it's just greatness
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